ESG Policies

Health & Safety

Our vision is a zero-harm workplace for people and the environment. Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our people and others affected by or engaged in our activities. We believe that everyone has the right to go home every day to their family safe and healthy. If a job, works, procedure or project cannot be done safely and securely, we will not do it.

Our Principle

At DAMAC we believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. There is no business objective that will take priority over health and safety. There is no task that is so important or urgent that it cannot be done safely. We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility and we operate sustainably and minimize our environmental impact. DAMAC prioritizes continuous reinforcement of zero harm to people and the environment, a deeply embedded safety culture where employees act safely at and away from work, and delivery of our safety culture through visible and proactive ‘felt leadership’ at all levels.

We Never

  • Ignore legal and other safety and environmental compliance requirements whether those imposed by regulations or deriving from best practices and industry standards.

  • Engage contractors that do not follow and apply best industry standards in relation to the safety and health of their employees and subcontractors.

  • Prioritize speed or cost over safety, as this can lead to accidents and long-term repercussions.

  • Assume that risks and hazards are obvious and need not be flagged and managed proactively and effectively.

  • Never allow employees and contractors to work in hazardous areas without appropriate PPE, which can lead to serious injuries.

  • Discourage incident reporting, as this impedes the identification and mitigation of potential hazards.

  • Create an environment where employees are hesitant to voice safety concerns or suggestions.

  • Neglect routine inspections.

We Always

  • Make safety the top priority in all activities, ensuring the well-being of employees, contractors, customers, and visitors.

  • Place HSE at the heart of a whole life cycle approach to product stewardship.

  • Adhere to all relevant health, safety regulations and standards to maintain compliance.

  • Regularly assess all potential risks and hazards proactively and eliminate or, if not possible, take to identify areas that require preventive measures and manage the risk to as low as reasonably practicable.

  • Maintain and continuously improve the DAMAC HSE management system across the organization.

  • Apply DAMAC standards consistently and uniformly across the DAMAC footprint irrespective of geography or local legislation.

  • Lead and motivate our people to work in a safe and responsible manner and train them on safety procedures, emergency protocols, and environmental practices.

  • Consult with and promote the active participation of our people in the management of their own and others’ health, wellbeing, and safety.

  • Provide the resources and skills necessary to achieve our continuous performance improvement with respect to the environment and the health and safety of our people.

  • Ensure that employees, contractors and visitors wear appropriate PPE in hazardous areas or during tasks that require protection.

  • Promptly report all accidents, incidents, near-misses, and potential hazards to facilitate preventive actions.

  • Foster an open environment where employees can voice safety concerns and provide suggestions for improvements.

  • Identify performance measures, set improvement targets, and report performance at all levels (recognizing excellent performance appropriately).

  • Conduct routine inspections to identify potential hazards, rectify issues, and ensure compliance with safety standards.

  • Use resources and energy efficiently, targeting waste, emissions and pollution in our activities, in order to minimize the impact of our activities on our communities.

  • Develop and communicate emergency response plans, ensuring all personnel know how to respond effectively.

Approved by Chairman and DAMAC Real Estate Development Limited Board on 26th of June 2023