DAMAC Real Estate Development Limited (“DAMAC”) is dedicated to fostering a values-based organizational culture and maintains a steadfast stance against all forms of fraudulent or corrupt behavior, whether directed towards DAMAC (from external or internal sources), or executed by or on behalf of DAMAC. We are equally devoted to cultivating a robust compliance culture guided by a clear and consistent code of business conduct, ensuring our actions are consistently aligned with our core values.

Our Whistleblower Policy is designed to strengthen the culture of ethics and integrity throughout the organization. Consequently, we uphold our employees to the highest standards of ethical behavior and expect the same from our business partners. In alignment with our commitment, we encourage you to assist us by promptly reporting any potential instances of non-compliance, fraudulent activities, or unethical practices via our dedicated Whistleblower Line.

Every submission will be thoroughly and objectively reviewed, and the identity of the reporting individual will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Your proactive involvement is crucial in upholding our commitment to a principled and ethical working environment.