Studio Apartment For Sale In Dubai On Installments

Buy Studio Flats On Installments With Payment Plan

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Studio Apartment For Sale In Dubai On Installments

Owing to its appropriate prices and good rental returns, people look for Studio Apartment For Sale In Dubai On Installments, studio apartments for sale in DubaiVillas For Sale In Beverly Hills Drive DAMAC Hills and Studio for sale By Crypto Currencies. Studios being residential units, also fall under the categories of properties that can be financed either through a mortgage or home financing.

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DAMAC also offers studio apartments for sale in Dubai on instalments to make the entire purchasing process easier for homebuyers. Lucrative payment plans suitable to buyers ease their financial burden as they don’t need to pay huge sums of money upfront.

Dubai is one of the world's most distinguished real estate destinations offering a variety of real estate avenues be it residential or commercial. In recent years, the city of Dubai has witnessed great demand for compact living spaces such as studio apartments. To facilitate the housing or investment needs of local and migrating population of Dubai, leading real estate developers like DAMAC Properties have developed amazing apartment units in all shapes and sizes.

Buying Studio Flats on Instalments with Payment Plans

Dubai has numerous lifestyle units spread all across the city. Developers like DAMAC Properties offer flexible payment plans for people wishing to buy studio flats on instalments with payment plans. Real Estate developers also cooperate with financial institutions to provide mortgage services with easy procedures for buyers.

Types of Payment Plans for Studio Apartments for Sale in Dubai

Instalment payments until handover

One of the most practised payment plans, here instalments are divided into percentages which need to be paid at different stages over a set duration until the final handover. Though every developer designs their own instalment payment plans, it is usually split into ratios like 20:80, 30:70, 50:50, and so forth.

Post-Handover Payment Plan

A post-handover plan is a secure and comfortable payment plan for buyers. Here, the buyer is allowed to make the payment after the property is handed over to them. Nevertheless, they still need to pay some part of the total price before gaining total ownership of the property.

Initially, the Post-handover payment plans were offered for larger developments. But, with the popularity of this payment plan among the buyers led to private developers adding this option as well.

Post-handover plan offers great convenience to buyers as they can take charge and rent the property right after the handover. They furthermore enjoy a high rental yield and pay the remaining amount.

Rent to Own Payment Plan

This unique payment option is gaining popularity around the world. The rent-to-own plan is useful for the end-users who are planning to stay in the house and not the investors. This is a highly popular payment Plan for ready to move apartments for sale in UAE. The buyers who don’t have sufficient funds for an upfront payment.

In this plan, the tenant and landlord sign a contract for a time of certain years. The annual rent in this payment plan is usually higher than that of a rented property. However, as per the contract agreement, the tenant becomes the owner of that property once the duration is over and the contract terms are met by both parties.DAMAC Properties have new units Properties For Sale In Costa Brava Damac Lagoons1 BHK Flats For Sale In Ghalia Tower properties for sale in DubaiVillas for sale in Dubai and Villas For Sale In Costa Brava Damac Lagoons.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, mortgage facilities are available for all types of real estate, and therefore those wishing to own studio units can apply to the concerned financial institutions and obtain the service with ease.