Damac Hotel sees occupancy surge in Q4

Originally published on Dec 09, 2020 | Trade Arabia

Damac Properties hospitality sector has seen a steady increase in occupancy in the fourth quarter since the onset of the pandemic in the beginning of this year. 
Q4 has recorded occupancy rates of up to 85 per cent marking a significant turnaround for the industry that had witnessed record low drops in April and May due to Covid-19 and the subsequent government-mandated lockdown.
“If you think about it, these are tremendous numbers given the global situation. While some countries are in lockdown because of high numbers of coronavirus cases, Dubai residents are flocking to hotels to enjoy the beautiful weather, views and to feel like they are on vacation since many prefer not to travel under the current circumstances,” Niall McLoughlin, Senior Vice President of Damac said.
“This speaks volumes about the UAE’s government’s excellent handling of the pandemic and the hospitality sector is a prime benefactor of these smart policies,” he added.
A Colliers MENA Hotel Market Survey forecasts recovery in the hospitality sector to begin in Q4 2020 and continue in 2021. The report predicts this trend will likely be bolstered by the buildup to Expo 2020, which will begin at the end of 2021.
Many residents who do not want to commit to signing on with residential buildings are opting for one, two or even three month stays. As prices are significantly lower compared to last year, many residents are booking at Damac's serviced hotel apartments to get a luxury experience with better amenities at their disposal.
“While some people prefer to stay home during the pandemic, many others are capitalising on the opportunity to experience luxury living at an affordable price. With families cooped up at home for months on end, it is a nice change of scenery to stay at a hotel for a few days or a week and treat themselves to some well-deserved pampering,” McLoughlin said.
At Damac Hotels, the average price of studio stands at AED250 ($68), a one bedroom at AED300 ($81.6), a two bedroom at AED 600 ($163.3) and a three bedroom at AED800 ($217.7). December prices are expected to increase by AED100-300 ($27.2-81.6).
The perks of staying at a Damac hotel include luxury finishing, spacious floorplans, full-serviced kitchens, laundry facilities, full-sized refrigerators and balconies. The serviced-apartment experience give guests the feeling of being home rather than in a hotel.
Apart from five-star amenities, many Damac Hotels are located in downtown, in close proximity to major shopping malls and tourist attractions. The great December weather allows guests to do a lot of outdoor walking, where they can access the best restaurants and retail outlets.
Additionally, guests can rest assured that they will have safe stay, as Damac Hotels takes health and sanitation measures very seriously. All apartments are regularly disinfected by professional cleaners. All servicing staff receive training on the importance personal hygiene, as well best practices to minimise the spreading of germs. Finally, all employees wear masks at all times.
Currently, around 80 per cent of the guests are domestic and 20 per cent are foreigners. Visitors are largely coming from France, Lebanon, UK, US, India, Italy, China, Pakistan and Russia. Many are escaping the confines of lockdown in their own countries. These visitors are, of course, screened and tested for Covid-19 upon entry in Dubai, ensuring they have a safe and healthy trip and do not infect others.