DAMAC Properties' Share Listing Case Study A focus of the Arab IPO Summit 2015

Sun, 13 Sep, 2015

Key Challenges for the Future of IPOs in the Region to be Discussed

The successful public listing of DAMAC Properties the leading luxury real estate developer, will be the key focus of the Arab IPO Summit 2015 taking place between 14th and 17th September in Dubai. During the summit, Adil Taqi, DAMAC Properties Group Chief Financial Officer will discuss the key elements of the listing on the Dubai Financial market at the beginning of this year.

The summit will gather several representatives from stock markets and financial institutions, in addition to representatives from leading regional investment banks and companies from the private sector to discuss the latest practices in the Arab financial markets, the listing requirements, the various challenges and the future of IPOs in the regional markets.

DAMAC Properties will share its successful experience from its IPO listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and eventual listing on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM), where Taqi will present a dedicated session under the theme: ‘What can you learn from the successful IPO of DAMAC Group?.’

“This summit is a platform to draw a clear picture about the status of the Arab financial markets and future expectations, where challenges and expectations facing these markets and the ways to improve transparency will be discussed,” said Taqi. “In addition, we will look at best practice methods to enhance cooperation between the financial markets in Arab countries.”
He added: “DAMAC’s listing in the Dubai Financial Market was well received and was a bell-weather for the rest of the industry which highlighted our belief in the DFM.

Mr. Taqi highlighted that the listing of DAMAC Properties, the first of 2015 in the Dubai Financial Market consolidated the status of this market as the preferred listing choice for many of the leading local and regional companies, stressing on DAMAC’s trust in Dubai and its commitment to DFM.

The Arab IPO summit 2015 will host large number of C-Level delegates of major financial companies and will discuss the changes in the financial markets in the Middle East and North Africa in addition to the opportunities offered and the challenges facing investors and companies willing to launch an IPO.

The Summit will discuss as well the role of the governmental authorities in the region and the regulatory bodies of the financial markets facilitating the operation and the expansion of private companies, small and medium enterprises to benefit from the growth in the regional markets. Topics of discussion will cover large spectrum of related points such as the latest developments in the financial markets and the future outlook for the regional markets during the coming years.

The Arab IPO Summit 2015 taking place between 14th and 17th September at TAJ Dubai - Business Bay Hotel.

Mr Taqi will present a dedicated session on Wednesday, 16th of September at 9.00 am.