DAMAC Launches Latest Tower, Altitude, Redefining Luxury Living in Dubai's Business Bay

Wed, 24 Jan, 2024

DAMAC Properties, one of the leading luxury real estate developers in the Middle East, announces the launch of its latest masterpiece, Altitude, the fourth tower in series that includes Canal Heights 1 and 2 and Canal Crown.

Altitude will stand as a testament to innovation and elegance, offering residents an unparalleled experience that merges modern luxury with celestial inspiration. These four towers are poised on the water, offering breathtaking vistas of the city skyline and the iconic Burj Khalifa. Altitude is also a branded tower, partnering with renowned jewellery brand de GRISOGONO and drawing inspiration from one of their most prized gems, ‘The Opal’ – a rare stone.

"Altitude not only offers unmatched views of the canal and Dubai skyline but also brings a touch of celestial inspiration to luxury living. With unique amenities that evoke the feeling of being in space and a prime location in Business Bay, Altitude will redefine what it means to live in the heart of Dubai. We believe this project series will set a new standard in luxury real estate," says Mohammed Tahaineh, General Manager of Projects at DAMAC.

With impressive views of the Business Bay neighbourhood and every single unit overlooking the tranquil waters of the Dubai Canal, Altitude will feature luxurious townhouses at the podium level, providing residents with spacious living and garden areas.

The interior design, which draws inspiration from the opal, will have unique cracks that create a multi-colour reflective effect, giving the spaces a shiny and bright appearance, along with circular elements that evoke a celestial ambiance.

Altitude will boast an impressive array of amenities designed to provide residents with a truly out-of-this-world experience. The tower's pool area offers an innovative experience with a pool that showcases perfect gravity. Residents can even don astronaut suits to experience zero gravity while swimming. Solar powered sun loungers will allow residents to recharge their devices while enjoying their time at the pool. A customised beauty bar will offer residents unique skincare products tailored to their specific needs.

Altitude will also provide an opportunity to stargaze with dedicated pods where residents can immerse themselves in the magic of the night sky. Residents can choose between cold and hot therapy pods, ensuring a holistic wellness experience that harnesses the power of water.