Why choose to buy a luxury home?

Wed, 30 Dec, 2020

Luxury properties for sale in Dubai boast qualities and features that make them unique, exclusive, and more desirable than most other available real estate options. Some of these properties located in prime locations also offer unparalleled serenity and privacy. Many luxury homes, especially newly built and recently renovated structures, also have high-end and high-tech amenities and appliances. Therefore, you get more value for the amount you pay. 


Damac Properties is one of the largest real estate companies in Dubai. It offers investors a large selection of residential properties with stunning views of the sea, mountains or lush gardens. In addition to these properties for sale in Dubai Marina, Damac Properties owns many land plots where houses can be built as desired by buyers. DAMAC properties offer units like 3 BHK Flats For Sale In Damac Hills, and Flats For Sale In Damac Hills 2.

The benefits of luxurious homes are alluring, to say the least. So, if you are curious about the advantages of buying and living in a luxury home, we have listed below some of the benefits: 

  1. Luxurious features

Many luxury residences are specially constructed, which means that there may be an elevator garage in the driveway or a hydraulic lift to accommodate more sports cars inside. It could also be an indoor swimming pool with stunning views or an ultra-luxurious chef's kitchen with space to entertain. As a luxury home buyer, having the freedom to choose and select the amenities of your house and your family's lifestyle is a major bonus of luxurious home living. 

Here are a few bonus features that you get when you buy a luxury property: 

  • Large square footage and living spaces
  • High-end construction materials, appliances and fixtures
  • Custom architecture and interior design
  • Open entrance way with centre-piece chandelier
  • Latest electronic gadgets and control systems
  • All-inclusive security system
  • Exclusive amenities and features
  • Large backyard or terrace
  • Gated property

  2. All-inclusive community features

Many luxury developments have an all-inclusive master plan with no space constraints on growth. In certain ways, these homes and their respective neighbourhoods exemplify the privilege of life to the fullest. Features such as swimming pools, landscaped parks, gyms, yoga centres, manicured lawns, electronic surveillance, multi-touch interactive fixtures and nearby entertainment options, all add value to your luxury living experience.  

DAMAC Properties has been synonymous with superior quality and luxury lifestyle living. A regional pioneer in branded properties, DAMAC has a number of limited-edition homes in collaboration with global brands such as FENDI Casa, Cavalli Tower, Versace Homes, DAMAC Towers by Paramount Hotels & Resorts Dubai and The Trump Organisation, giving its owners luxury living like no other. DAMAC Properties also boasts two international golf courses.

  3. Great location, better living

Almost always, luxurious homes and neighbourhoods are characterised by an impressive location that may contain any one or a combination of the following: 

Luxury master development 

Luxury properties found within city limits, like the exclusive High Gardens at DAMAC Hills, not only offer spacious living amid serene settings but also give owners privacy and a sense of calm,  living away from the city's hustle and bustle.

High rise living 

Exclusive high rise living only minutes from downtown Dubai, just like that in AYKON City and Damac Paramount Towers, provides luxury living with quick-and-easy access to the biggest entertainment, shopping and dining locations. These high-rise properties are as exclusive as it gets and, in many instances, showcase the best of the best from a variety of branded residences.

Close to amenities

Many luxury communities have convenient access to amenities. The communities of Damac Hills Villas for sale in Dubai and Akoya Oxygen Vardon in Dubai, offer high-end retail options, community schools and a myriad of family entertainment and sport facilities, allowing residents to live their dream life. 

Spectacular Views

If there is any definitive feature of a home's location that makes it luxurious, it is the views. AYKON City, a beautiful high-rise community on the banks of the Dubai Canal, or Golf Town, a cluster of contemporary low-rise apartments set around the greens of the Trump International Golf Club Dubai offered by DAMAC Properties are just a few of the striking examples of properties with great views, incredible privacy, and serene ambiance. 

Golf Course

A golf course is almost always indicative of a luxury community. DAMAC Hills is home to a picturesque 18-hole golf course designed by world renowned architect Gil Hanse and managed by The Trump Organisation, while the Trump World Golf Club Dubai sits at the heart of AKOYA by DAMAC.DAMAC offer Furnished apartments for sale in Dubai1 bedroom apartments for sale in DubaiProperties For Sale In Damac Hills 2Apartments For Sale In Damac Hills 2 and 3 bedrooms apartments for sale in Dubai By Crypto .

  4. Better returns

While real estate is generally considered stable, luxury real estate tends to have better price gains and drops compared to normal properties. Therefore, it makes timing a crucial element in buying high-end properties. There might be times when the demand fluctuates, but it never goes away. This is because luxury homes surpass the cost of replacement and fulfil a very specific demand in the real estate market.

There was a time when purchasing a car was a luxury, but today it has become a necessity. So is the case for many other consumables. We are slowly blurring the line between luxury and necessity. With increased spending power in the hands of consumers, the real estate sector has also seen major changes. Thanks to the rapid pace of urbanisation and globalisation, owning a luxury home is no longer exclusive to the affluent. This investment facilitates a quality lifestyle in the present and will help you get good returns in the future.