3 Qualities of a top real estate developer

Wed, 12 Aug, 2020

When you’re in the market for a real estate property and do not know where to start, who are you going to call?

Only the most trustworthy real estate agents representing the top real estate developers in the world, of course.


Building connections

You want to stay in a place that makes you comfortable and happy. You appreciate good design and architecture. You dream of spaces that can contribute to your wellbeing. All these and more can be had when you find the right real estate company that can match your dream with a property that embodies it.

This is why it is important that you choose a real estate partner you can trust. A relationship built on trust can lead to meaningful and successful partnerships. Ideally, you would want to stay in a place for as long as you can, so finding the most suitable home early on is critical to the success of your property hunt.

Before you talk and negotiate with a real estate agent, it is crucial that you know which developer they represent. 

Buying or even renting a real estate property requires you to be careful and judicious in your dealings. Only entertain the best real estate deals offered by a respectable real estate company. 

However, how do you know for sure that you’re dealing with a trustworthy business entity?

Here are three very basic yet important qualities that you need to look for in a real estate developer to ensure that your best interests remain top of mind:

1. Experience

First of all, you want to work with a company that has already established a reputation for excellence. DAMAC Properties, for example, has been shaping the luxury real estate landscape in the Middle East since 2002. The years under our belt will tell you how much dedication and commitment we have put into our work to ensure that we deliver iconic commercial, leisure, and residential projects.

Similarly, a company’s years of operation are also a testament to the confidence and trust that their clients have given them. When a company is well-regarded by its customers, then it provides them the foundation to build on their patrons’ faith in the brand and business.

A company does not just grow overnight. It takes time, patience, and a lot of drive to ensure that it stands tall and proud as the years go by. Longevity in the industry speaks of resilience in riding the highs and lows that the property market goes through from time to time.

You can also look at all the accolades and awards that a real estate company has received. The recognition given to them shows how their peers in the industry, as well as experts from other sectors attests to the quality and distinction of their projects. DAMAC Properties has enjoyed such recognition and has over 100 local and international awards and commendations under its belt.

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2. Expertise

The developer's years of experience will also mean that they have the expertise and skills to plan and develop high quality projects. This translates to delivering only the finest real estate properties that you can trust yourself to invest or live in.

Put your trust in a reputable and industry-recognised property developer like DAMAC Properties that puts value in creating outstanding commercial, residential, and leisure properties. The quality of the projects we have built has led the way for people to enjoy living or spending time in them.

An established company will also have the right people working with them. Here at DAMAC Properties, we value competence and proficiency. That is why you can trust that the property specialists working with us will put your needs above all else. Expect that these real estate experts will attend to your requirements in the most professional way possible. 

3. Empathy

While watching out for the bottom line is important for businesses to thrive, it is equally important to care for the people in and around the organisation. When you go for a property developer that exhibits care and consideration for others, then you can trust that your needs will be well taken care of.

You can also see a company’s character and values in their corporate responsibility programmes. See how genuine efforts surpass more than just the publicity and noise by looking deep into how much time, effort, and resources are poured into each endeavour. It’s not just a one-time thing where you plant a tree or clean a beachfront. It’s a continuing initiative to give back to the community and espouse positive change.

DAMAC Properties, for one, has committed to its philanthropic activities and continues to advance education. We collaborate with communities to help alleviate people’s hardships, deliver the required skills and knowledge to attain a sustainable future and respond to urgent needs.

A company that has empathy will have a better understanding of how their customers think and feel. We believe that compassion is the key for us to be more responsive to the needs of our clients.

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The place to be

If you’re in the market for a real estate property, then you need to go where you are cared for. Talk only to property specialists whom you can trust. Deal only with established property developers who have the experience, expertise, and empathy to ensure that your requirements are met with uncompromising quality.

If you expect excellence, DAMAC Properties will make sure to deliver only the best solutions to your real estate property needs.