Luxury living in Dubai

Fri, 03 Jun, 2016

Palatial villas, contemporary high-tech apartments, spectacular penthouses and beachfront properties are all readily available in Dubai.


In recent years, many high-end property buyers have been attracted to Dubai because of its incredible rise to global supercity and its wealth of available property developments. For this reason, it’s a common misconception that finding luxury living in Dubai would be straightforward and hassle-free. 

However, with the abundance of Luxury properties for sale in Dubai currently being developed or for sale in Dubai, it can be confusing to decipher which homes are truly the best. To help you find your ideal home we’ve compiled a list of features that constitute luxury property in Dubai:

1.    Unique and innovative architecture

Expert architecture, rich materials and creative design make a unique property. From villas inspired by ancient Greek and Roman temples to modern, contemporary and futuristic designs, property in Dubai is the perfect reflection of the city’s creativity, craft and showmanship. 

2. Absolute privacy

There are many ways of finding privacy in Dubai, even in the heart of the city. 

Penthouse for sale By Crypto not only offers modern living with incredible views but a level of privacy that other apartment-style living cannot. 

For those that prefer the idea of living in Villas for sale in DubaiHouses For Sale In Avencia DAMAC Hills 2Apartments For Sale In Golf Town DAMAC Hills gated communities combine exclusivity with privacy and security. These are considered ideal places to raise a family since they provide a safe outdoor space for families with young children, and a luxurious home. 

Perhaps however, for the ultimate privacy, the answer is a home on its own floating island. The World, Dubai, recently announced that it will be home to 33 private floating island homes built to last over one hundred years. Each island will include a private garden, pool and beach. 

3. Sumptuous Views

There are many exquisite views in Dubai, and no property can claim to offer luxury living in Dubai without offering a magnificent window onto the city. Choosing a property with the best view is a matter of personal taste, however, and the choice lies between views of the ocean, lush greenery or the city’s majestic skyline.

Ocean or landscape views are calming and create a feeling of space inside and outside the home. They also offer a connection with nature that’s a welcome contrast to the urban business jungles where most of our time is spent.

City views in Dubai can offer some of the most enviable panoramas in the world. It’s a continual reminder that you live in one of the world’s most impressive places with towers that seem to touch the sky. These views can energise and motivate and keep your eye on the hustle and bustle of the city below.

4. The most exquisite facades 

When it comes to luxury villas in Dubai, upmarket property buyers are often looking for exteriors with grand attention to detail. From the paint and material used, to the window frames, roof tiles, and more, each feature is paramount to the overall look and feel of the home.
Over the years, there has been an increase in demand for homes that are more ‘at one’ with the environment. These homes are inspired by nature and are well integrated in the surroundings. You’ll find that these types of homes most likely have interesting water features, landscaped areas and plant-life as well to create a perfectly ‘zen’ space. These homes will calm you from the moment you set eyes on them.

If you prefer a more modern Luxury apartments for sale in Dubai, Apartment for sale in Dubai, then you may be looking for plenty of glass and steel, natural light and glamour. These modern dwellings often use colour and space to create a bright, welcoming environment. You’ll notice their clever play on shapes and angles as well – often carefully calculated to maximise on space and light flow and to allow an easier transition between the indoors and outdoors. 

5. Lush Greenery

Most buyers of luxury real estate in Dubai are looking for greenery – either immediately outside their front door or as part of a tower development. Not only does plant life soften an urban landscape, it has natural cooling and calming properties as well. 

Exotic species of plant add to exclusivity to a property, as do water features, like waterfalls and fountains, to give an air of grandeur. Some buyers even favour lakes and streams as part of their property, further connecting their modern living to nature. 

6. A Feeling of Space

A balance of space is important – one that’s too small will feel cluttered and cramped while one that’s too big will be empty and barren. Living areas should be kept spacious so that when families are together, the space doesn’t feel too close for comfort. Large windows give the illusion of more space while sliding and stacking doors allow buyers to compartmentalise and open spaces as they please.   

Storage space is essential as well. Clothes, utensils and personal belongings should be stowed away to keep the areas clean and pleasing. Clutter can devalue a home so organise spaces effectively. You’ll find that storage solutions can be very creative and sometimes even become focal points.

Have a look at homes with additional outbuildings. Rooms for maids, nannies and drivers are important to ensure that everyone within your care is well looked after and comfortable. This extra space could add even more value to your property – something to consider if moving or selling is ever an option.

7. Contemporary and Exclusive Interiors

The finishing touches depend on your personal taste and lifestyle.

A gymnasium, private swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna, for example, are often considered essential facilities for luxury living in Dubai. All of these aide relaxation therapy while providing the added convenience of not having to leave home to experience them.

State-of-the-art fittings are fundamental to creating a luxurious home. From high-end kitchen appliances to shiny taps, luxurious wooden shelves, linen curtains, opulent sofas, marble tiles, and more, each finish add to the overall feel of the home. 

Smart home technology keeps you in control. You can access things like your air conditioning, music systems, lighting and security from the touch of a button. After all, technology has become crucial for everyone – and the more advanced the system, the better status it holds for you.