Land for sale in Dubai? Here’s why you should buy

Tue, 29 Nov, 2016
Land for sale in Dubai? Here’s why you should buy

As of June 2016, Dubai Government passed a decree allowing non-UAE nationals the right to absolute ownership of freehold plots in Dubai South.1As markets open up and ownership processes are streamlined and simplified, the land is becoming increasingly available to all; and in developing cities like Dubai, you can have your pick of plots, even in prime locations.


Investing in land is emerging as an increasingly attractive alternative to buying Properties for sale in Dubai, especially with Dubai’s tax-free, buyer-friendly and freehold policies. Freehold plots for purchase can be found in areas such as Dubai South, Pearl Jumeirah, Business Bay and Jumeirah Village South. While it’s challenging to find plots in prime areas, developers are offering them in other areas such as master developments like Akoya Oxygen Vardon. Keep in mind that prices will vary depending on the area. A wide range of Properties for sale in Damac Hills By CryptoProperties For Sale In Nice Damac LagoonsVillas For Sale In Nice Damac Lagoons and Freehold properties for sale in Dubai is offered by several real estate developers in the region. As renowned developers for two decades, DAMAC Properties offer the flexibility of buying a house on payment plans. Offering numerous luxury residential properties like DAMAC executive heights and DAMAC Hills 2 in and around Dubai.

Here are just a few more compelling reasons to invest in Dubai plots:

Land is a secure, tangible investment

Stocks, bonds and shares are prone to market fluctuations. Built-up houses and apartment for sale in Dubai are susceptible to wear and tear. But land? Land is virtually everlasting. Your stocks may vanish right in front of your eyes, but you can actually hold, touch, feel, and walk proudly on your land. Not only is land a tangible asset, but in terms of financial security, there’s no better bet – given a growing market like Dubai, the value of land is always on the rise.

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It's a 'hands-off' investment

Just thinking of tenants, bills, maintenance and a many other things that come with built property is bound to make investors nervous. With a plot, you can make that one-time investment, sit back and relax. As a land owner, your involvement with the plot can be a one-time affair and hassle-free.

Land can be inexpensive in the long-term

Land can be easier on the pocket than built-up properties. Not only does it cost less, to begin with, but once purchased, you don’t have many additional expenses like utilities, mortgages, taxes and maintenance to shell out on. From a long-term perspective, investing in land is an extremely lucrative and easy investment option.

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Increase your land value in the future

Dubbed one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Dubai is a haven for investors looking at long-term financial gains. In spite of economic fluctuations, properties like AKOYA are spearheading Dubai’s property market. According to a recent report by JLL and Dubizzle, in 2017 Dubai property prices and rentals are expected to rise provided that supply remains regulated.2When land is the biggest asset in a developing city, the future holds a host of possibilities for sharp spikes in value.

Be your own boss

Land may be limited, but the gains you stand to make are practically unlimited, especially when you’re the master of your own plot. Once you’ve purchased land, you’re free to develop it as and when you please. Whether you plan to live there in the long term, resell it, or build a house to rent or sell, you can make the most of your own preferences and be your own builder.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere to park your money, and watch it grow over the years with zero involvement, then investing in land is definitely the way to go!

Damac Properties is a Dubai-based company that is engaged in the development and sale of residential, commercial and industrial properties like 6 Bedrooms Houses For Sale In Avencia DAMAC Hills 2, and Flats For Sale In Golf Town DAMAC Hills. The company was built on the strong foundations of the Al Ghurair Group, which has been in business for over 50 years. It is one of the largest conglomerates in UAE, with a number of subsidiaries dedicated to various sectors of the economy. These include retail, hospitality, real estate and engineering.

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