DAMAC Properties Makes it Easier to Get a Residence Visa

Thu, 27 Oct, 2022

DAMAC Property Development is one of the most prestigious companies in the real estate development field in Dubai, which enjoys a great reputation for developing a huge number of luxury real estate projects and towers in the Emirate.


DAMAC Properties is the one and only company that provide consultancy services in order to obtain a UAE residency visa.

Golden Residency Visa in Dubai

The golden residency programs adopted by the state were in support of the state’s path of openness to the world and attracting investments, tourism and capital, until the UAE became a destination that attracts capital and investments from all over the world, as the efforts made by the state in dealing with the Corona crisis resulted in consolidating the state’s position as a destination Safe to work, settle and invest in real estate.

Golden residency are programs that allow expatriates to reside in the country for periods of 10 and 5 years according to certain conditions, and many categories fall under them to apply and obtain golden residency in the UAE, including real estate investment, categories of creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, humanitarian entrepreneurs, owners of medical specialties and others.


Real estate in Dubai that supports having golden residency

DAMAC Properties owns prominent development projects in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi that include properties that fits all needs, whether they are within their integrated residential communities, like DAMAC Hills, DAMAC Hills 2, and DAMAC Lagoons, or even their projects dispersed throughout different areas of Dubai, including apartments for sale in Dubai and villas for sale in Dubai, which would include, for example:

How does DAMAC allow you to obtain a Golden Residency?

DAMAC Properties offers the following 3 easy steps for applying using its "DAMAC Living" application for getting golden residency, which may be downloaded from electronic stores on mobile devices.

Download the DAMAC Living app of  DAMAC Properties from online stores:

Android devices.

iOS devices.

Register personal data in the application.

Entry to the application service for golden residency.

After the completion of these steps, DAMAC Properties will give the customer their application number. With this number, the customer can then communicate directly with the relevant national authorities to find out the status of their application. They can do this by using their official channels, which include their website, phone number, or customer service centers.

The golden residence offers its holders a variety of benefits, including the flexibility to leave the land at any time during its validity, the lack of a guarantor requirement, a validity duration that can reach ten years, and the opportunity to renew the residency if certain requirements are completed.

The Golden Residency Visa Process

Possessing an existing property worth at least AED 2 million in order to qualify for a 10-year golden residence in Dubai.

Own a property that is currently being built by one of the top real estate developers in the uae, such as Damac Properties or another developer, and has a value of at least 2 million dirhams.

If the property is owned by more than one person, the ownership of each individual must total at least 1 million dirhams in order to qualify for the 5-year golden residency, which is mainly applicable to residential properties.

For a golden residence in 10 years, invest 10 million dirhams in a real estate investment fund.