Health conscious communities: The way forward for Dubai real estate investment

Wed, 26 Oct, 2016
Health conscious communities: The way forward for Dubai real estate investment
Health conscious communities: The way forward for Dubai real estate investment
Health conscious communities: The way forward for Dubai real estate investment
Health conscious communities: The way forward for Dubai real estate investment

Obesity is a global concern that impacts Dubai at almost double the world average. According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, the world spends $2 trillion a year on obesity induced problems. This when the cost of staying healthy is really no more than adopting a healthy lifestyle!  

The key to a healthy lifestyle lies in making life choices that boost overall health, and your home is no exception. This has propelled Dubai’s real estate industry to rally around ‘lifestyle properties’ that make healthy living naturally easy. So, if you’re willing to commit to going that extra mile health-wise, investing in a fitness-and-health-friendly neighbourhood is a step in the right direction.

Here are some of the main neighbourhood features you should be looking for when investing in a Dubai property for a healthy lifestyle boost.

Green communities

With modern lifestyles being more prone to high degrees of anxiety and stress, mental care warrants special attention, and green communities overflowing with natural open spaces might be just what you need. Growing evidence shows green surroundings positively impact the mind and body, curtail stress, and convey a deep sense of relaxation.  Open stretches of green foliage even lower local temperatures by a few degrees, which is always welcome in Dubai. Few things can match up to the pleasures of walking under the early morning sun and taking in the crisp fresh air. Hence, your search for a healthy home should begin with parks, jogging and cycling tracks, children’s play areas and all possible avenues to enrich your wellbeing. Properties like DAMAC’s AKOYA Oxygen – a master development spread across 55 million square feet of lush greenery – have already provided a head start in that direction. The community even boasts its own tropical rainforest and is dubbed as ‘Dubai first green residential address.’

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Healthy food supply

80% of your health depends upon what you eat. Though we all acknowledge the importance of a balanced diet towards building our immunity, ‘healthy eating’ is often easier said than done! But homes like AKOYA Fresh situated within AKOYA Oxygen are challenging this notion by letting healthy food find you. It has its own organic fresh market and a variety of healthy green dining options so all you have to do is drop by, pick up some groceries or enjoy a wholesome meal and walk away.

Fitness options

A bit of physical activity further enhances your fitness journey. Exercising regularly in moderation is excellent for physical wellbeing and immunity building and is a natural counter to body fat and diseases like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc. But beyond the physical benefits, what’s good for your body is just as good for your mind.

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Exercising is a great stress buster that alleviates depression, anxiety, improves cognition, mood, self-confidence, memory and overall psychological health. So, your neighbourhood must have options to embrace different physical activities. Developments like AKOYA Fresh might be just what you’re looking for, in terms of providing a wide range of fitness options. Gym enthusiasts will find a modern, well-equipped gymnasium; but if you aren’t up for sweating it out in an enclosed space, perhaps a round of golf at The Trump World Golf Club Dubai might strike your fancy. Or if you prefer a soulful release of stress, you can meditate and do some soul searching at the AKOYA Oxygen Yoga Enclave.

With health and lifestyle attracting global attention, adopting it as an organic way of life is the only way forward. Where you live is paramount to shaping your health, so make sure your prospective home scores high on fitness and wellbeing before signing on the dotted line! 

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