Community Engagement In Real Estate Comes Of Age With Tech

Mon, 17 Jan, 2022

Community engagement is a keystone toward ensuring the success of any project. It is not always easy to ensure or manage, but it is of the utmost importance.

Customers are continuously seeking businesses that are integrated firmly into their communities, understand their needs and make them feel relevant and heard.


Real estate is no exception to this. Of the many mantras that pave the path towards success, a developer needs to authentically embed itself in its communities in order to support their health and growth.

When optimised, community engagement can lead to improved outcomes. The purpose of community outreach shouldn’t just be to earn the support or approval of residents or potential customers. The process should include the design and development of a project to ensure long-lasting, positive impacts on its inherent community.

At DAMAC, we regularly engage with our communities, host community events, and encourage fitness and exercise as a bonding experience. Last year, DAMAC held its first-ever cyclethon event at its largest community, Properties for sale in Damac Hills 2, where community residents and participants from all over the country came to compete for a cash prize.

People want to be heard

Such traditional methods have proven to be integral to nurturing a dynamic community as they stand as a reflection of the company’s efforts towards the well-being of its customers and residents.

With the changing face of communication — especially over the past two years that streamlined digitisation efforts and drove an almost complete adoption of virtual forums and meetings, fostering constructive relationships with communities — digitisation has become even more necessary. From software and machinations available to employees, to the platforms that are on offer for customers that grant them the ability to share their thoughts and questions in real-time, the world is constantly evolving in tandem with people’s needs.

Digitisation plays an integral role

According to the National Association of Realtors, as of 2019, digital communication accounts for 95% of all outreach efforts with clients and customers. Therefore, formulating a solid base for a dialogue through which communities and real estate teams can come together to thoughtfully consider how a community can grow is fundamental, and the faster the adoption of modern technologies, the greater the rewards.

At DAMAC, the streamlining of customer experience is paramount to the progress of any of its developments and consolidates its position as a futuristic company. The company invests in the latest technological trends towards elevating its services and empowering the sector to adapt to the modern age.

Embracing the potential of the future, DAMAC offers residents, tenants and prospective clients 360-degree views of its ready apartments to help them get a feel for the premium quality of its homes. In addition, customers can also virtually customise their apartments/villas through this virtual viewing experience to suit their preferences so that they may begin to experience what it would feel like to live in their future homes. The company is also leveraging the latest technologies that would allow customers to manage their home appliances, lighting, etc., on their mobile devices.

Innovation at every turn

DAMAC’s vision for a tech-driven future emphasises readiness, speed, and agility of technology by reengineering its processes and building a robust integration layer, resulting in a smoother customer experience. When it comes to envisioning the future and maintaining a competitive edge, a brand cannot afford to just resort to tried-and-tested methods. It must drive innovation at every possible junction of its journey and encourage open discussion with its customers, form virtual teams with active participation from business users, and employ collaboration tools.

DAMAC not only delivers quality homes, but also happiness, by providing customers with simple and hassle-free methods to manage their home-buying experience.

By employing advanced innovations, including virtual reality, automated data extraction, robotic process automation, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, among others, DAMAC is continuously enhancing its services by offering residents and potential buyers premier experiences and advanced technologies that cater to their lifestyles.

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