Buying real estate in Dubai? Invest on Sheikh Zayed Road

Sun, 16 Oct, 2016
Buying real estate in Dubai? Invest on Sheikh Zayed Road
Buying real estate in Dubai? Invest on Sheikh Zayed Road
Buying real estate in Dubai? Invest on Sheikh Zayed Road
Buying real estate in Dubai? Invest on Sheikh Zayed Road
Buying real estate in Dubai? Invest on Sheikh Zayed Road

If you are interested in investing in a property in Dubai, then an apartment on the famous Sheikh Zayed Road could be your best option. It is one of the most ideal locations in Dubai with something to offer for everyone from young professionals, to couples and families. Here is a list of the top five reasons why you should invest there:

Historically significant

Sheikh Zayed Road, formally known as Defence Road, is the longest stretch of highway in Dubai and one of the main UAE arteries, running from Al-Silah in Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah, where it assumes various other names along the way. Completed in 1980, it is home to some of Dubai’s landmarks, including the Dubai World Trade Centre (built in 1978), once famous for being the tallest tower in the city; and the iconic Emirates Towers.


Initially built to link Dubai with Abu Dhabi, today the road also connects multiple areas and communities within the city. Its five interchanges provide access to areas in both old and new Dubai, such as Za’abeel, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.

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Exciting activities

If you are looking for leisure and recreational activities and want to enjoy the best of Dubai’s current and future attractions, then Sheikh Zayed Road is definitely the place to be. Admire the tallest skyscrapers in town up close and enjoy entertainment such as the Dubai Fountain, as well as concerts at the Trade Centre Arena and the Dubai Opera. Also, keep an eye out for future projects such as AYKON City which has magnificent views in every direction.

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Heaven for food lovers

With over 100 restaurants along Sheikh Zayed Road, you’ll be spoilt for choice with cuisine from all over the globe. Whether your preference is a spicy Indian curry, a flavourful Lebanese grilled feast or an aromatic oriental dish, Sheikh Zayed Road has something for taste.

Accessibility to public transport

Since it is one of the main highways in Dubai, there are multiple transportation options. Several metro stations along Sheikh Zayed Road make commuting within the city supremely easy, whether it’s the commute to work, a trip to one of the Dubai’s famous malls or attractions in other parts of the city. Footbridges allow you to safely cross the road and there are plenty of taxis and bus stops to get you to your desired destination.

AYKON City is located in one of the most iconic settings in Dubai on the illustrious Sheikh Zayed Road, overlooking the new Dubai Canal. The development comprises four towers, with hotels, luxury hotel apartments, boutique office spaces and residences linked by a central podium offering retail, dining and entertainment.

Facilities include:

  • AYKON Hotel & Hotel Apartments
  • DAMAC Maison de Ville Hotel & Hotel Apartments
  • Residences
  • Premium office space
  • AYKON Plaza – world-class shopping, dining and entertainment with beach club, running track, yoga lawn, spa and children’s play area

For more information about AYKON City, please register your details in the form or call +971 4 520 5110