Bolster your mental health and find a home that promotes mindfulness

Thu, 06 Oct, 2022

Homebuyers in Dubai are increasingly seeking living spaces that boost their mental health. In the wake of the pandemic, the connection between home and managing stress levels has put a premium on looking for communities where people can seamlessly live, work and interact.


Recent studies have highlighted elevated global stress levels due to economic and social challenges as of late. Additionally, an always-on work culture, a younger population that is always on their devices, and unrealistic work expectations are some of the top reasons for this chronic stress.

While there are more environmental factors known to contribute, certain elements can further impact our ability to adjust to our surroundings and cope with stress. The most notable environmental factor that can influence mental health is your home. Multiple studies have shown the connections between living spaces and the effects on mental health through prominent aspects including the layout aesthetics of a house, the familiarity of an environment, interactions with other people, and the culture and values of an environment.

Call to action

Today the emphasis is no longer on physical health alone, but psychological wellbeing. The World Health Organisation in their recent report urged all countries to accelerate their implementation of the comprehensive mental health action plan 2013–2030, where they call on all stakeholders to work together and reshape environments that influence mental health, including homes, communities, schools, workplaces, health care services, and natural environments.

Understanding this movement, property operators and developers in the UAE are giving more attention to features that incorporate nature, which is known to reduce stress and promote mental peace. Places that allow residents to recharge, such as meditation courtyards with reflecting pools or rooms equipped with ergonomic cushions, gardens, and parks with walking and biking trails, are in high demand. Homebuyers in the UAE are increasingly pursuing thoughtful layouts and wellness-focused amenities.

Meanwhile, energy-efficient buildings also have a positive impact on our mental health, in addition to environmental benefits. Energy-efficient buildings mean lower energy bills, which help reduce financial anxiety. This awareness has led to a surge in demand for living spaces that aim to enhance positive emotions while minimising negative reactions.

Customer happiness

DAMAC Properties aims to create a complete lifestyle experience for buyers so that they can live their lives to the fullest while owning a property in Dubai. At DAMAC, homebuyers’ happiness and satisfaction are at the core of our business ethos. With over two decades of experience helping people to realise their dreams of owning a home in one of the most luxurious cities in the world, DAMAC Properties continues to set the highest bar when it comes to offering not only luxury living spaces, but also homes that contribute positively to our mental health.

Among DAMAC’s most notable developments in the UAE is DAMAC Hills, DAMAC’s first master development located on Umm Suqeim Road and Hessa Street. It is home to a flourishing community of residents with a wide array of entertainment and leisure amenities including a skate park, fishing lakes, horse stables, a petting farm, sports facilities, and so much more.  

DAMAC has set the highest bar when it comes to community living standards, and residents are spoilt for choice with the wide selection of entertainment outlets, which include the Trump International Golf Course, Dubai and Malibu Bay, the UAE’s first community wave pool. 

The DAMAC community also has Jebel Ali School, a selection of nurseries, Carrefour, Spinneys, Radisson Hotel, and its own shopping mall. Residents can enjoy these facilities and others through the community management arm.

All of these amenities allow our residents to live a happy and quality life with their families.

Water-inspired community  

If that wasn’t enough, DAMAC Lagoons, DAMAC’s third master community, was launched in 2021. Bordering on DAMAC Hills, DAMAC Lagoons, will transport residents into an enchanting paradise comprising eight majestic cities inspired by countries based on the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Clusters launched so far include: Venice, Santorini, Costa Brava, Nice, Malta, and Portofino, with more coming soon.

The community’s Townhouses For Sale In Costa Brava Damac lagoons and Villas For Sale In Santorini Damac Lagoons are located on the banks of a large beautiful lagoon with white sand beaches. The interior design will be modern and

minimalist with a focus on luxury. Each town has its own unique theme with a diverse range of amenities.

Our aim was to make everyday life of our residents feel like vacation. The project has been in huge demand, as more and more customers are seeking such tranquil and nature-inspired communities that help boost their mental health.

At DAMAC, we take our customers’ mental health very seriously and we continue to provide living spaces that contribute positively to their psychological wellbeing. With our tranquil environments and community activities that encourage social interaction with fellow neighbours, we are doing our part to positively contribute to our residents’ mental health and overall happiness.