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Own luxury 1BR hotel apartments with views of Sheikh Zayed Road and the Burj area from AED 1.72m*

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Payment terms:

With rental guarantee (2-year payment plan)

InstalmentMilestonePayment (%)
Year 1Deposit10% + 4% RERA registration fees
 After 4 months of sale date 10%
 After 8 months of sale date 10%
 After 12 months of sale date 20%
Year 2After 15 months of sale date 10%
 After 18 months of sale date 10%
 After 21 months of sale date 10%
 After 24 months of sale date 20%


Without rental guarantee ( 1BR and 2BR) 

InstalmentMilestonePayment (%)
DepositImmediate20% + 4% RERA registration fees
1st Instalment Within 90 days from sale date3.75%
2nd Instalment Within 180 days from sale date3.75%
3rd Instalment Within 270 days from sale date3.75%
4th Instalment Within 360 days from sale date3.75%
5th Instalment Within 450 days from sale date8.75%
6th Instalment Within 540 days from sale date8.75%
7th Instalment Within 630 days from sale date8.75%
8th Instalment Within 720 days from sale date8.75%
9th InstalmentWithin 810 days from sale date7.5%
10th InstalmentWithin 900 days from sale date7.5%
11th InstalmentWithin 990 days from sale date7.5%
12th InstalmentWithin 1080 days from sale date7.5%