Paramount Hotel Dubai wins Best Lobby Award

Originally published on Apr 19, 2021 | Hotel and Catering News Middle East

The recently held, Leaders in Hospitality Awards 2021 in UAE announced that Paramount Hotel Dubai has won the prestigious title of Lobby of the Year. This is a category where first impressions matter. Showcasing the true essence of a property, the Lobby of the Year award is handed out to a setting that is truly deserving this accolade.

Our Hotel Lobby has the timeless Hollywood elegance: you see our grand staircase, that a signature element, it really makes you feel like you are in a film on the silver screen. With our other signature element - the grand chandelier. It’s inspired by the luxury backdrops of glamorous film noir sets and Hollywood movies of the early 1940s - Paramount's prime!

Paramount Hotel lobby has been designed with the creative in mind, but to appeal to everyone. We attract people that are looking for a theatrical adventure, not just a place to stay. For example, look at the Lobby Café. There’s Vito Corleone. Where else in Dubai can you have coffee with the Don himself other than L cafe.

Marlene Dietrich and Cary Grant portraits are welcoming you once you enter the lobby. You’ll see a lot of photographs of Hollywood’s golden age in all our hallways and rooms. Some of these images are never before seen photography from Paramount Pictures private library. We pride ourselves on our studio connection, our laid-back California approach and an element of mystery: that’s what builds our brand pillars: Old Hollywood Glam, California cool, and sophisticated mystery.

With 250 square meters of floor to ceiling LED screens we really transport our guests into a new world with 360-degree views. You can check in while flying over California and check out under the sea. We change our screens seasonally and adapt them to every occasion. These screens really help establish the fact that you are not checking into a regular hotel, a cast member in a moving picture is checking you in.

Every now and then, one needs to unleash their mischievous side. Named after Paramount’s 1915 silent drama film, directed by Cecil B.DeMille, The Cheat – our Chocolate Lab located in a lobby is a tale of seduction, desire and persuasion. Much like one’s relationship with chocolate.

Hidden by a hidden library door in a hotel lobby, our surreptitious speakeasy will transport you straight back to the 1920’s prohibition era.

Paramount Hotel Dubai is the first hotel that has been created from start to finish with Paramount Pictures involvement. That is why each corner is so well thought out and cinematic, really transporting you into your favorite movies.