Landscaping a luxury lifestyle

Originally published on Aug 02, 2022 | Landscape Magazine

Located right on the Dubai Canal of Business Bay, DAMAC Prive provides one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Dubai Canal waterfront and Dubai skyline. The two towers greet visitors with a large entrance hall at the main drop off area, which provides a glimpse of the luxury facility's interior and exterior spaces. DAMAC Prive is decorated with mood-enhancing colour palettes, attractive hard and soft landscape materials, lighting, furniture, and feature elements.

 The interior of each unit has expansive glass windows to take advantage of the breathtaking views of the cityscape. The open spaces with its manicured landscaping and children's play area provides perfectly enjoyable outdoor spaces with the ultra-modern amenities that are carefully selected to enhance the residents' lifestyle. Also, the temperature controlled swimming pool, with a separate dedicated area for kids and a shaded pool bar on the podium lets the residents enjoy a relaxing dip anytime.

Relaxing outdoor modern pergola and the pool bar are additional features that provide an extra dash of luxury for residents and visitors alike. Designed for a Picture-Perfect Lifestyle The amazing podium views from DAMAC Prive are complemented by its luxurious landscape vision that has been managed and complemented by DAMAC Landscape Team. The modern design language blends naturally with the concept of the entire architectural and interior design of the project. Especially, the swimming pool creates a strong visual focal point, and the pool deck area provides enough functional space for tenants and visitors with unique lighting that highlights the features and plants.

Also, carefully selected hard landscape materials make it safe for walking with its non-slip surface around the pool that provides the seamless podium design with glass mosaic tile for the pool finishes. Meanwhile, the pool bar includes a polished granite counter with themed pattern-applied cladding to compliment the high standards of living surrounded by palm and olive trees. A Healthy State of Being The softscape strategy played a key role in creating the healthy and luxurious atmosphere enjoyed by residents and visitors.

At the front of the buildings, Washingtonia robusta with Cycas revoluta provide eye catching charm to the drop off area. On the podium, the palms are planted with an ornamental understorey of shrubs and ground covers such as Zamia furfuracea, Hymenocallis littoralis and Sansevieria trifasciata 'Golden Hahnii'. Luxury looking trees such as Olea europaea, Plumeria obtuse and Guaiacum officinale are also provided to complete the health and wellness softscape design ideas. As part of sustainable design approaches, an automatic irrigation system has been applied to the soft landscape areas. Accordingly, technical design has been detailed during the design stages in coordination with architects, structure, and MEP engineers to complete the project.