“Digital Transformation” charts the road to recovery for the real estate sector

Originally published on Dec 13, 2020 | Al-Ittihad

The real estate sector has achieved a real boom in the fields of digital transformation and the employment of emerging technologies in the areas of development and sales during the year 2020, according to Ali Sajwani, General Manager of Operations at DAMAC.

Sajwani said in an interview with Al-Ittihad that adopting this innovative approach eased the repercussions of the pandemic and strengthened the company’s resilience in facing crises. He further stressed that technological innovations could chart the way for the real estate sector to recover, as it guarantees business continuity and raises the efficiency of data use in areas of development and sales.

 Sajwani said that crises helps create opportunities. The pandemic affected the global economy, with companies and organisations across industries being greatly affected. Businesses had to incorporate innovation and creativity to turn challenges into opportunities to manage the crisis, including business management in the enterprise sector. Some sectors could easily transition to working remotely.

This was not the case for the real estate sector as the customers' needed to see the properties on ground and interact with agents before concluding deals. To overcome this, the company sought to employ the available tools to find an integrated and safe way of working that kept employees connected and customers engaged.