Originally published on Sep 13, 2022 | Integrator Magazine

DAMAC Properties is an Emirati property development company, based in Dubai. Niall McLoughlin, Senior Vice President at DAMAC articulates the steps the company has taken to deliver responsible, sustainable, and healthy communities and projects across the region.

Speak about the revolutionary steps that DAMAC took to contribute to ecological balance and sustainability

Sustainability and sustainable practices have become increasingly important aspects of the construction industry. At DAMAC, under its facilities management arm, LOAMS, we have launched a "Sustainability Program' focused on the operations and maintenance stages of project development. Through the program, we aim to enhance all developments in our portfolio to follow international guidelines, policies, and procedures derived from multiple sustainability and environmental organizations or entities. The company is also committed to educating our employees concerning these policies and procedures to ensure that they are aware of the effective use of each system in the framework.

Discuss key projects and their achievements

Some examples include:

• Following Dubai Electricity and Water Authority's (DEWA) efforts to support the use of environmentally friendly electric vehicles In Dubai and its mission towards carbon emission reduction in the emirate. DAMAC Properties plans to install electric vehicle chargers across its current and upcoming projects in Dubai

• As part of Its strategy to ensure the comfort, convenience. and subsequently happiness of its residents, DAMAC has successfully installed free-of-charge green charger stations in its master community DAMAC Hills 2 and aims to install more in DAMAC Hills in collaboration with DEWA

• At the DAMAC Hills 2 community, LED solar lighting is used for the streets as well as a water recycling system that uses water processed at an STP (sewage treatment plant) for irrigating the community's landscapes. Furthermore, at DAMAC Hills, low-flow water fixtures are used in common areas to reduce water consumption. In addition, buildings in both communities also include energy recovery ventilation where fresh air handling units (FAIIU) are installed.

Tell us about the environmental certifications and compliance obtained by DAMAC properties from authorities

• Optimizing the operational cost by Introducing an effective Energy Monitoring System as per the ISO 50001 of Energy Management System.

• Optimized 0 Implemented the Environmental cycle system of ISO 14001 of Environment Management System

• Winner - Best Owners Association Management Firm Y2017 Gulf Real Estate Awards.

• LOAMS was the finalist for the Gulf Real Estate Awards in Y2018. as one of the main criteria was Sustainability 6 Environmental of making business more sustainable.

What suggestions do you wish to give others in the industry ahead of building an ecologically balanced world?

Working in tandem with processes to align energy, environment. and sustainability is an ongoing process at DAMAC. As builders and professionals in the construction and real estate sectors, it is our responsibility to engage with and implement best building practices that pave the way for safer and more secure future generations. Organizations can introduce rewards and recognition to encourage stakeholders to formulate ideas, put them into action, and contribute to sustainable programs that benefit the company. economy, and environment at large.