DAMAC Lagoons launches Marbella residential cluster

Originally published on Oct 28, 2022 | Construction Week

DAMAC Properties launched Marbella residential cluster in its DAMAC Lagoons master development. The latest addition to the Mediterranean-inspired community comes after the launch of six clusters: Portofino, Venice, Malta, Nice, Santorini, and Costa Brava.

Positioned around water lagoons, and white sandy beaches, and equipped with a diverse range of amenities, each cluster is uniquely designed to evoke the spirit of the destination it represents.

Marbella will be a holiday escape without ever having to travel, due to its designs of luxury townhouses that bring out a Mediterranean vibe.

Commenting on the launch, Niall McLoughlin, senior vice president of DAMAC, said: “Marbella blends an aura of luxury and comfort to a new height of urban contemporary living that amplifies and incorporates the quintessential Mediterranean holiday lifestyle filled with fun, entertainment, Zen and extravagance into the daily lives of our residents”.

Offering high-end to midrange 4 and 5 bedrooms, Marbella embeds townhouses with rustic mellow vibes, hues of summer linen, woven coir, wood, and Olive trees — a true mix of old town architecture of Marbella and contemporary southern Spanish towns.

Women will have a place to call their own at the Ladies Hub – Costa Del Sol. The location will feature a fully-equipped gym and spa to the beauty salon and meditation lounge.

DAMAC Lagoons spans 4.18km2 and will have four entrance gates, with the main one situated on Hessa Street. Residences are conveniently located near a wide range of amenities. DAMAC Lagoons is highly popular with families, as it offers unique learning-based amenities, such as a sensory plaza, a discovery maze, a camping island, an AR nature island, a VR Park, a Building Blocks Pavilion, and more.