DAMAC integrates latest technologies to enhance customer experience

Originally published on Jan 31, 2022 | Zawya

Dubai, UAE : As part of DAMAC’s dedicated vision towards digitisation and commitment to listen to and address customer needs, the Company’s Technology Department has implemented a variety of new tech-features to simplify processes for DAMAC residents.

Entry into DAMAC towers and communities will become easier and more efficient with the roll out of VMS (Visitors Management System).  Under VMS, there will no longer be any need to carry a physical access card. Personal identification documents such as Emirates IDs or passports can be linked to the entrance gate, automatically granting residents or visitors access to the building or neighbourhood. Additionally, residents can send visitors a digital QR code which can also grant access to entry.

In November 2021, VMS was successfully rolled out in Upper Crest Tower. Suburbia, Ocean Heights and Paramount Towers are next in line to implement this technology.

Additionally, DAMAC has introduced ANPR (Automatic Number-Plate Recognition) which automatically links to residents’ vehicle number plates granting them access to parking garages. Residents can register their vehicles through the DAMAC Living App, in just few quick steps and no longer need to worry about carrying around access cards. This enhancement further eliminates costs for issuance and loss of access cards.

Under the ‘easy come, easy go’ system, smart cameras installed at garage entrances recognise number plates of residents’ vehicles and communicate the same to Command Centre to verify the level of access given to the resident or owner, which will grant or deny access accordingly.

Under phase 1, 48 buildings have already been tested and are ready to go, while five buildings have already successfully implemented ANPR, including Park Towers, Ocean Heights, DAMAC Heights, DAMAC Towers by Paramount and Upper Crest Tower.

The DAMAC Living App features community-related services for residents and tenants — which seeks to make a number of services and processes easier and more seamless for homeowners — from settling payments, to uploading documents for property handover, making amenity bookings and getting special discounts on services, among others. The app has become a one-stop shop and a single convenient platform for community-related services for residents and tenants.

“The successful roll-out of VMS and ANPR technologies are aimed at making the lives our residents easier, hassle-free and reduces the need to hold multiple access cards for our towers and communities,” Ali Sajwani, DAMAC General Manager- Operations said.

“It also adds provides a more sophisticated security system for the residents who live in our towers and communities,” he added.

Under Sajwani’s stewardship, DAMAC has established itself as a tech-leader in the real estate industry, bagging several prestigious awards for its DAMAC Living App, which closely ties up to the core objectives of its Customer Relations Management and Community Management (LOAMS) departments — which is customer happiness and satisfaction.

“By investing in technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Virtual Reality, Cloud Data Platforms, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Solutions, we are increasingly improving and streamlining customer experience on our digital touch points and communication channels with our departments, freeing up our employees to do more smart work. Additionally, the new technologies we have adopted are exciting and attractive for new recruits looking to work in a futuristic company,” Sajwani concluded.