DAMAC elevates customer satisfaction through new services

Originally published on Sep 21, 2022 | Zawya

Pivotal in its operations, leading real estate development company, DAMAC Properties has been stepping up its customer relationship agenda.

The company has been securing the best interests of its customers through a variety of engagement activities to ensure timely and efficient responses to concerns.

With this in mind, the company has launched a new ‘happiness centre’ in its DAMAC Hills 2 community centre focused on being closer to clients and taking care of all their collections, service charges, and customer relationship management (CRM) queries. 

A full-service mobile appointment centre has also been added where clients can complete handover formalities, pay services charges and key release, from the comfort of their own neighbourhood

Furthermore, an initiative called Voice of Customer was launched to welcome feedback from clients and hear their concerns in a bid to take helpful actions consistently, and cultivate both positive reviews and constructive feedback.

In another manner to gauge customer experiences, DAMAC ran a mystery shopping campaign to help understand the customer’s journey from the earliest interaction through different digital media to meeting DAMAC ambassadors in malls, up until they subsequently move in to their new homes.

“Keeping pace with our goals of constantly achieving customer satisfaction and happiness, we have been accelerating efforts across our portfolio, both in Dubai and internationally with a sting of activities and service,” said Niall McLoughlin, Senior Vice President at DAMAC.

“Over time, our CRM team has engaged with clients and has been able to identify and streamline all customer concerns and address them in a quick, convenient manner – a practice which we aim to continue.”

A Digital Support System

In its continuous pursuit to ensure customer happiness, the real estate development company recently announced multiple updates to its resident application, DAMAC Living App.

Getting ahead of the technological curve, DAMAC has made large enhancements to the app offering customers and residents the chance to navigate through a series of services from the comfort of their homes. The integration of chatbots into the CRM software has been a big leap towards this exercise.

Customers can now enjoy the ease of raising any type of requests such as making payments, move in, maintenance, booking amenities, visitor management, and general inquiries in a fast and efficient manner.  This new feature is aimed at increasing approachability and ensuring 24/7 customer care availability. As of now, the chatbot handles an average of 6,300 chats interaction with clients on a monthly basis.

DAMAC has also initiated a ticketing service system which increased the efficiency and effectiveness of handling client’s transactions. Through the Ticketing Tool, every single interaction with the customer is logged now as a Ticket in the system equipped with an automatic notification to deliver a 360 degree journey to clients. 

“At the same time, and as part of our customer centric approach, the CRM team has introduced a dedicated video conferencing service to nurture and strengthen the relationship with customers. Our team can now virtually meet up with clients who are unable to visit us personally. This allows our teams to connect with and listen to our customers’ feedback directly, from anywhere at any time,” added McLoughlin.

In addition to the above, the company has also introduced a digital handover process where customers can view their homes virtually and finalise all formalities sitting in a different location entirely.

As best to assist customers and prospective clients through the journey in a seamless manner, the CRM team has also created a series of tutorial videos to guide them through a variety of DAMAC Living App features such as digital handover, how to submit proof of payment, visitor management system, book home services and more. An exciting new service allows clients who own a property with an investment of at least AED 2 million with applying for a UAE Golden Visa, through the mobile app. Furthermore, to widen the offering across their key markets, the DAMAC Living app recently launched its Arabic version.

DAMAC Cares Continues

DAMAC Properties also continues with its DAMAC Cares campaign aimed to listen to the customer and achieve a proactive CRM approach towards addressing their issues.

Spearheaded by the Customer Relations Management department, the campaign which held its first campaign in August has successfully conducted three so far towards addressing clients’ issues, educating them on DAMAC Living app and the plethora of online services it could offer at comfort of their homes.

The DAMAC Cares campaign kicked off on September 9 for this quarter, with a 10-day-long schedule of activities planned across the DAMAC portfolio in Dubai.

The team aims to maintain their connection and engage with clients, raise awareness on the new DAMAC Customer Portal as well as the existing DAMAC Living app, and generate positive sentiments on social media around DAMAC projects.

Earlier this year, the DAMAC Cares team held a road show in Qatar, its first one out of Dubai. During the road show, the team met and greeted customers and residents.

Furthermore, CRM in collaboration with DAMAC’s community management arm, LOAMS, had arranged two events in DAMAC Hills Malibu Bay and the community park, and in DAMAC Hills 2 Community Park.