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With increasing demand for home loans in Saudi, buyers need to be aware of specific terms in order to make a well-informed investment decision. To make things easier, we’ve explained a few keywords that you will come across when looking to take out a mortgage:


A mortgage pre-approval is an essential first step when buying a house. The process is an evaluation to check if you, as the borrower, qualify for a loan.

Debt-to burden-ratio

Mortgage providers commonly check a borrower’s debt-to-burden-ratio (DBR). Your DBR is calculated as the percentage of your total income,

Flat or reducing rate

Lenders will commonly quote borrowers a flat or reducing rate. It is vital you understand the difference before applying. A flat rate is calculated on the principal amount with equal installments payable across the loan duration. On the other hand, a reducing rate interest is charged on the outstanding balance.

Fixed rate or variable rate

  • A fixed-rate mortgage is based on a decided rate of interest, which remains constant over a number of years.
  • variable-rate mortgages, the interest differs over time based on market changes.

The DAMAC Properties mortgage department is available to provide assistance to customers, allowing them to make a well-informed investment decision.

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