Experience Authentic Emirati Taste During Ramadan at Essor

Mon, 15 Jun, 2015

A new restaurant, offering high-end authentic Khaleeji and Emirati cuisine has opened its doors in the Burj area of Dubai.

‘Essor’ at DAMAC Maison Dubai Mall Street has launched its traditional local menu ahead of the holy month of Ramadan, offering traditional dishes with Arabic hospitality for all families, friends in an authentic Emirati dining atmosphere, with traditional seating arrangements (Al Majilis), in addition to serving Suhor.

“Essor offers a unique experience taking you on a journey through UAE heritage in a traditional atmosphere full of originality, with food and decor that reflects the Emirati and Khaleeji culture with quality of service, making Essor unique in Dubai,” said  Mohamed Eldek, Hotel Manager, DAMAC Maison Dubai Mall Street.

“The number of tourists from the Gulf to Dubai registered considerable growth during the past 4 years, and is expected to continue this momentum in the coming years, making Essor important stop for visitors from the Gulf region.” He added.

“The restaurant serves traditional cuisine with Gulf food taste, for visitor from the Gulf to feel that at home and the center of the culture of the Gulf authentic food.”

Essor is located in DAMAC Maison Dubai Mall Street, in the Burj area, walking distance from the world’s largest mall and stunning fountain displays.

For reservations please call: +971 4 270 0700

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