DAMAC transforms office operations management for a digital world

Wed, 13 Oct, 2021
  • DAMAC Central is an all-encompassing platform that centralises company communications and collaborations
  • The platform has helped DAMAC fast-track its digitisation drive, positioning it as an agile tech-leader
  • DAMAC is fully committed to leveraging technologies to ensure it is ready for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities

Dubai, UAE — 13 October 2021: DAMAC Properties, the region's leading luxury real estate developer, has successfully deployed an enterprise-wide platform for its back-office operations management requirements as part of the company’s digital transformation initiatives.

DAMAC Central, is a one-stop-shop portfolio of solutions centralising all communications, collaborations, decision making and self-services, amongst departments and staff in the organisation. It is part of a wider digital transformation development that the company has been pursuing to make the organisation more competitive, agile and consumer centric.

The overarching platform is primarily aimed at digitising all necessary approvals, making processes less time consuming. The entire organisation has been onboarded on the new platform, from senior executives to line staff to ensure a company-wide adoption of DAMAC’s latest digital transformation project.

“The development of the platform took about a year and three months — a period which allowed us to fully test and fine-tune it,” said Jayesh Maganlal, Chief Information Officer, DAMAC Properties. 

“With this new platform, we have streamlined processes to make it easy for our management to approve any type of requests within the organisation across various back-office software. This has made us more efficient and helped reduce operational costs,” he added.

Ali Sajwani, General Manager—Operations at DAMAC, has been the driver behind the company’s tech-focused push. Under his stewardship, the company has made monumental leaps and achievements in the digital sphere, making the company more efficient and boosting its competitive edge.

Some of the key features of DAMAC Central include automation of interoffice memos, quick approvals for purchases, complete automation of all minutes of meetings, memo management and tracking and full integration with a task management software that automatically assigns tasks to individuals right after a meeting is completed. The platform also integrates access to analytical reporting, employee self-service, tech support, a digital business card and exclusive employee offers.

The platform has helped fast-track DAMAC’s digitisation drive — helping it to future-proof the company and make it more agile in today’s rapidly evolving world of technology.

“Being ‘agile’ is a catchphrase being commonly used today across industries. Essentially, an agile company is able to adapt to constant change and volatility, enabling them to implement corrective measures accordingly to move the company past challenges and crises,” Maganlal said.

“Moving forward, we will continue to develop innovations that will enable us to better serve our employees and customers. DAMAC is fully committed to leveraging technologies to ensure we are ready for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities,” he added.