DAMAC arranges vaccinations for staff and spouses to help curb the spread of Covid-19

Sun, 31 Jan, 2021
  • Vaccination drive follows the admirable example of the UAE leadership
  • Hundreds of staff members and spouses show up to avail of vaccine
  • UAE top country in world for vaccination administrations

Following the admirable example of the UAE leadership and their stringent vaccination drive, DAMAC Properties, on January 29, arranged vaccinations for all staff members and their spouses.

Employees lined up while adhering to social distancing protocols to receive their Sinopharm jab. Grateful staff members were quick to post pictures of their experience on social media.

Under the slogan, “Don’t get the virus. Get the vaccine” the company urged its employees to protect themselves, their co-workers, families and fellow citizens from the virus, which has seen record spikes in the UAE in the past few days.

“Although cases are on the rise globally, and within the country, the UAE is ranked the top country in the world for its vaccination administration rates and we wanted to encourage our employees to take advantage of this blessing,” Niall McLoughlin, Senior Vice President of DAMAC said.

“As we are seeing globally, even some first world nations are struggling with the roll-out of vaccines and here we are in a country where the vaccine is readily available and free of charge for all citizens and residents. How can anyone pass up the opportunity?” he added.

Earlier this month, DAMAC Chairman Hussain Sajwani received the jab and sent out a heart-felt letter to all employees encouraging them to do the same.

“The vaccine has given me the confidence and optimism that, soon, we will hopefully be able to close the chapter on Covid-19,” he said, adding “through the hard times, we learned many important lessons — lessons in patience, perseverance, gratefulness, and consideration for our fellow citizens. We learned that our actions have consequences — not only for our own safety, but for the safety of others.”

Through the vaccination drive, DAMAC aims to encourage its staff to be part of the collective responsibility in overcoming the negative effects of the pandemic. The company hopes that corporate drives such as theirs, will assist the government in their mission to boost immunity within the population and eventually rid the country of the virus once and for all.

“DAMAC has always prided itself on being a socially responsible corporation, involved in many initiatives to improve the human condition. We understand the importance of creating an environment where employees can feel safe and protected. We believe that, ultimately, the more people get vaccinated, the faster all of our lives can return to normal,” McLoughlin said.