Why Dubai real estate investment experts are bullish about the future

Tue, 19 Jul, 2016

The real estate sector in Dubai may have faced a downfall in the past several years as an effect of the global recession. But the City of Gold has since turned its fortunes around and is geared toward more growth in the coming quarters. And when it comes to making a Dubai investment, real estate is seen as one of the most favourable markets to place your money in. 


One of the top two biggest real estate developers in the country, DAMAC Properties, has described the Dubai property market as attractive, stable, promising and resilient, offering freehold properties for sale in Dubai, Apartments for sale in Lusail DohaVillas For Sale In Damac Hills6 Bedrooms Villas For Sale In Damac Hills and Properties for sale in Business Bay Dubai and more important projects Tuscan Residences and Vera Residences. Thanks to the continuous economic progress experienced in the region and the significant growth among its security, tourism and infrastructure sectors, those who are looking to invest in real estate can be confident that they’re on the right track. 

In a report about the residential real estate market in Dubai, KPMG Consulting offers a similar outlook, saying that while this year may see a few short-term challenges, the next year is definitely ripe for an upturn. If you’re one of many people interested in making a property investment in Dubai, the following factors may help you make a better decision:

Regulations are advantageous for a business and real estate

Fairly recent UAE laws, as well as bank and land regulations, offer added protection and better transparency for investors and make the market a safer and more stable environment. 

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The UAE economy has lost its total dependence on oil

The increasing diversification of the Dubai economy is allowing other sectors to expand and grow as well. And two of the areas benefitting from this scenario are real estate and infrastructure, with an astounding number of infrastructure projects underway. 

Real estate rental investments are seeing more demand

If you’re planning to profit from your property through rentals, you’ll be glad to know that you’re up for impressive returns. Thanks to the improved job market, people are more confident and able to rent prime real estate properties for sale in Dubai, villa for sale in Dubai, and apartment for sale in Dubai.

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A brighter, more exciting future for Dubai is ahead

One of the developments that keep the energy and vibe in Dubai positive and uplifting is Expo 2020. For the six months, the Expo will run, more than 25 million visitors from all over the world will be expected in the region, which translates to unlimited opportunities in real estate investments. 

Keep in mind, though, that just like any other investment, the Dubai property market has its own risks and rewards. Despite the great outlook, it still makes sense to be prudent and deal only with reputable real estate developers and experts.