The Experts Take on 10 Best Places to Buy Villa in Dubai

Sun, 19 Dec, 2021

Dubai is one of the most progressive cities in the world. The beautiful city combines cultural diversity, awe-inspiring infrastructure, age-old heritage, and a fast-growing economy. Renowned for its beaches, deserts, and extraordinary hospitality, Dubai has attracted people for years for tourism or career opportunities. Considering the potential of this global city, many local investors, foreigners and expatriates are considering the best places to buy villa in Dubai for luxury living or property investment purpose.



With more population migrating to Dubai, people have started looking out for long term residential options like villas over previously preferred short term accommodations. Moreover, the property prices in Dubai are pretty considerable when compared to the high rental yields gained from it. Hence, it's time to realise your dream of buying a home in Dubai.

Why Should You Buy a Villa in Dubai?

Dubai stands at the forefront of luxury living experiences and offers an extensive range of options to choose from. Unlike any other property, a villa gives you a sense of independence. Here's why you should consider moving to one of the best villa communities in Dubai.

Liberty to Customise

Luxury villas in Dubai can be customised as per your wish and modified easily to complement your interest. That favourite corner of the house or a walkway by the garden, everything you aspire can be modified as per your wish when you 2 bedrooms villas for sale in Dubai. You can easily expand or reconstruct your villa, but this level of independence is difficult to find in an apartment or other residential complex.

Valuable Investment

Villa in Dubai is an excellent investment as you are entitled to land ownership on which your building stands. In addition, the value of land is set to increase exponentially over time, which eventually increases your property's appreciation value in the long run.

Better Lifestyle

Villa symbolises pride and accomplishment. They represent your social status and sophistication. Best villa communities in Dubai offer world-class amenities in a luxurious setup with high-quality infrastructure and a plush neighbourhood. The sense of ownership and freedom experienced in a villa is always satisfying to individuals and families.

Exclusivity and Privacy

The modern lifestyle is restricted for several reasons, such as limited living space, personal privacy, and freedom. How exciting does it sound to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in your compound or just lazing around and being yourself without strangers invading your personal space? Well, most luxurious villas in Dubai offer that privacy where you can be one with yourself and your loved ones.

Which is the Best Place to Buy Villa in Dubai?

The city of Dubai has seen a rise in housing demand in recent years. In the quest to provide the best in class solutions, leading developers are coming up with numerous apartment for sale in Dubai and luxury

. Considering Dubai's rapid growth, there are many prime locations preferred by people looking for the best new villas in Dubai. Here is a list of some of the best places to buy villa in Dubai.

1. Dubailand

Dubailand is an outstanding residential hub spread over a vast area. The extravagant location is a combination of residential communities and facilities like shopping malls, theme parks, eco-tourism projects, and sports and recreation. Today, Dubailand can be termed as a city within the city that is gaining popularity because of the robust property development. Many unique freehold villas for sale in Dubai are being developed in Dubailand, and the area is home to some multi-billion dirham projects like DAMAC Hills, DAMAC Hills 2, DAMAC Lagoons, etc. wide range of accommodation plans.

This expansive area is located off Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. The advantage of the location is another reason why people are setting their eyes on Dubailand. As per the 2020 Dubai Real Estate Report by Bayut, Dubailand is one of Dubai's most popular areas. Being a freehold district, Dubailand is a hot venue when it comes to the range of accommodations it offers. Here, you will find luxury lifestyle apartments and affordable Villas For Sale In Damac Hills for 1 million.

Best Villa Communities in Dubailand


Promoting the essence of luxury living, DAMAC Hills is a well-established self-contained community comprising villas for sale, apartments and a hotel. The community is spread over four million square feet of parkland. It constitutes gardens, lakes, relaxation spots and areas of recreation, including a skate park, football field, tennis courts and a lot more.

DAMAC Hills is already an inhabited community with prolific schools and medical centres in the vicinity. You will also find supermarkets, food trucks and shuttle buses serving the community. With rising demands, more and more facilities are expected to be added soon.

Located along Umm Suqeim Road and equipped with easy access to the city's major landmarks, DAMAC Hills is a short drive away from Global Village, IMG Worlds of Adventure, and Mall of the Emirates. Home to the famous Trump International Golf Club, this family-friendly community is segmented under different luxurious sub-communities such as DAMAC Villas, Fendi Casa, The Trump Estates, and The Park.

DAMAC Hills 2

Previously named as AKOYA, DAMAC Hills 2 is a master community that redefines the one-of-a-kind living experience. This fun-inspired luxury living community is developed to cater to the lifestyle expectations of people of all age groups.

DAMAC Hills 2 is dedicated to promoting community living in a luxury setup by bringing people together to appreciate the good life.

The community is a result of DAMAC group's commitment to creating an eco-friendly community. It is the first-ever green residential address in Dubai. The quaint community emphasises on tranquil lifestyle and is set around the international golf course covered by lush gardens, fountains, and boulevards.

Strategically located in Dubailand, DAMAC Hills 2 has many ready-to-move Dubai villas for sale. You can choose from a variety of options within the community to find a perfect house. Living by its motive of providing a fun and recreation inspired lifestyle, DAMAC Hills 2 is set to offer five independent segments within itself, which are:

  • Water Town
  • Sports Town
  • Down Town
  • Motor Town
  • Equestrian Town

DAMAC Lagoons

What if we told you that there is an extraordinary villa community in Dubai which is entirely agnostic of the hustle and bustle of city life? Sounds too good to be true, but DAMAC Lagoons is one such community being developed in Dubailand.

DAMAC Lagoons brings the Mediterranean to Dubai in a community built with top-notch architecture and never before features surrounded by crystal clear waters around cobblestone streets. Taking the essence of 8 vibrant and timeless cities, you are always on a beach vacation at Damac Lagoons.

  • The Santorini cluster will have a personal wellness zone and one of a kind floating cinema.
  • Venice cluster will offer a romantic feel with gondolas and waterside cafes.
  • The Morocco cluster will feature lagoon-facing pools, family cabanas and meditation lawns.
  • The Costa Brava cluster will be the adrenaline hub of the community with kayaking, zip lining, paddle surfing, and other action-packed features.
  • The Nice cluster will attract fitness enthusiasts with dedicated bicycle trails and a skate park,
  • Malta cluster will be buzzing with children for its discovery maze, camping island, and AR operated natural trail.
  • Andalusia cluster to be equipped with a spa, beauty salon and a lounge
  • Portofino cluster will allow the residents to organise business meetings at the waterside cafes

The project is expected to be ready for delivery by 2024, and many investors have already started showing interest in this iconic luxury lifestyle community.

2. Mirdif

Preferred by many for being away from the densely populated areas of the city. Mirdif happens to be a good choice for people seeking seclusion. The advantage of buying a villa in Mirdif is the peaceful environment. Unlike most other neighbourhoods in Dubai, Mirdif is one of the residence-only areas in the city. No tall buildings, hotels, or tourist attractions make the surroundings peaceful. It indeed is the best place to buy villa in Dubai for family-oriented individuals staying with the elderly or bringing up children.

Mirdif has some classic luxurious villas and best-in-class facilities for shopping and leisure. It is also the home of the popular Mushrif Park. Located near the Dubai International Airport, it is a perfect home for frequent flyers, saving them a lot of time and effort when it comes to long trips between home and the airport.

3. Palm Jumeirah

Unarguably one of Dubai's most desirable residential areas, making it to our list of best places to buy villa in Dubai is Palm Jumeirah. It is a beautiful island neighbourhood with amazing villas developed all around the palm-shaped structure. In addition, most of the villas around the waterside offer private beach access to the residents.

You will find many villas in Palm Jumeirah offering awe-inspiring views of the spectacular Dubai skyline and iconic landmarks of the city. Some of the most luxurious Villas for sale in Dubai with spacious rooms, picturesque gardens, private pools, outstanding interiors, and architecture can be found in Palm Jumeirah.

The Dubai villa price in this upscale region falls in the range of AED 6M to AED 20M and more, depending upon the house.

4. Meydan

Meydan is one of the fastest developing areas in Dubai at the moment. Translated as 'a meeting place' compliments the potential of this developing area set to be a hub of global business and luxurious lifestyle. Meydan is gaining popularity among the masses for the range of high-class properties being developed in the vicinity. Advantageous with its location, Meydan is an easily accessible area right in the centre of Dubai's popular avenues.

The majority part of Meydan is still developing. However, the residents in the area will soon be able to access state-of-the-art amenities and attractions. It is also set to be the venue of high-profile events in the future. The highly anticipated Meydan One Mall is expected to add retail and entertainment value.

The futuristic development potential and connectivity of this area is also one of the main reasons people consider Meydan as the best place to buy villa in Dubai.

5. Dubai Marina

Considered by many as one of the most sought-after locations in the emirate, the Dubai Marina is an amazing community that has distinguished itself with luxury skyscrapers, top hotels, a water canal, and of course, the Marina beach.

Well equipped with multiple recreation and entertainment options, Marina is constantly flooded with people from and around Dubai for retail and culinary experiences. While the area is known for its wonderful skyline of high rise apartments and hotels, Marina is also one of the best places to buy villa in Dubai.

The Marina features the most pleasing waterfront living scene and provides a wide range of options to cater to everyone's requirements. Be it youngsters, urban professionals, or families looking for a safe yet elite environment for themselves and enjoy everything Dubai can offer.

6. Umm Suqeim

Home to the very popular Kite Beach, Umm Suqeim is one of the old areas of Dubai. It is mainly divided into five sub-communities.

Umm Suqeim 1 

This is a fully residential community located in the Jumeirah district. Some properties here are equipped with gardens and private swimming pools, while few share such amenities among villa compounds.

Umm Suqeim 2 

Located along Jumeirah Road, this community is known for high-end properties in near proximity of the beach, public parks and harbour. 

Umm Suqeim 3 

This comparatively quiet and secluded community features some of the most luxurious villas in Dubai near the ocean. The Jumeirah Beach and Wild Wadi Water park are the nearest leisure spots for this community.

Umm Suqeim Road

This is somewhat stretched area covering parts of Al Quoz and Al Barsha. Major properties on Umm Suqeim Road are villas and townhouse establishments. 

Madinat Jumeirah Living

This freehold development houses many modern luxurious properties. It is an environment friendly community, easily accessible via Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed, Umm Suqeim, and Al Wasl Road. With many freehold residential buildings, Madinat Jumeirah is looked upon by several investors and home buyers.

7. Al Barsha

A well-known residential development, Al Barsha is a great choice if you wish to have a relaxed and balanced life in Dubai. With a variety of options suiting every budget criteria, Al Barsha has something for everyone. The famous "Mall of the Emirates" belongs to this area too.

You will find all types of residential and commercial complexes in this vicinity. The Dubai villa price in Al Barsha ranges from AED 5M to AED 15M and more, depending on the size and amenities within the villa.

The majority of this area falls under non-freehold area. Hence, villas are usually only available to local or GCC investors, and most villas aren't available for sale to expatriates or foreign investors. However, many externals have rented some luxury villas in this area given its easy access to major roads of Dubai and several communities.

8. Al Barari

Setting a benchmark for sustainable living, Al Barari is one of the most outstanding eco-friendly communities in Dubai real estate. It is one of the greenest communities in Dubai, featuring high-profile luxurious villas offering exclusive amenities.

The residential development in Al Barari spans over 18 million sq. ft. More than 60% of the community comprises landscaped gardens, water streams and green spaces.

Al Barari offers some of the best new villas in Dubai. The fast-paced development is set to come up with a full-fledged medical centre, a variety of restaurants, a world-class resort, retail shops and a business school.

This luxury villa community has attracted many investors and continues to be perceived as one of the best places to buy villa in Dubai by many individuals.

9. Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is a family-friendly community. It has been developed to provide a unique urban lifestyle concept in a village-like setup. Surrounded by the green covers of landscaped gardens, villas in JVC offer a wide range of amenities, making it one of the best places to buy villa in Dubai.

The residents of this area appreciate calmness and serenity amid the fast-paced life of a global city like Dubai. JVC attracts all sets of people be it, families, young couples or even bachelors. Many expats in Dubai reside here because of its strategic location having good schools, parks, fitness centres and several retail options to facilitate family necessities. The area is often trending among real estate investors, given its lucrative pricing and considerable rental yields.

10. Dubai Investment Park

Spread over an area of more than 5000 acres, Dubai Investments Park (DIP) is a mixed-use development offering both residential and commercial. Situated close to the international airport in Jebel Ali Free Zone, the progressively developing DIP is set to be one of the prime locations in Dubai.

The residential sub-communities in Dubai Investments Park feature a wide range of villas with excellent infrastructure and amenities. Some of the best new villas in Dubai are being constructed in DIP. It is an ideal place for buyers looking for villas for sale in Dubai for 1 million as it offers a wide range of luxurious villas with prices varying on account of size and amenities.


What are the advantages of buying a villa in Dubai?

The advantages of owning a villa are limitless. It gives you ultimate freedom, which no other residential premise can provide. You get a huge piece of land for yourself when you buy a villa. It is also a family-friendly place where kids and elders can play, relax, and enjoy the house compound. It also offers complete privacy, exclusivity, and independence while promoting the sense of community living, bringing families together.

Can a foreigner buy a villa in Dubai?

Definitely, foreigners can buy a villa in any freehold zones in Dubai. There are a plethora of options to choose from in freehold Properties for sale in Dubai\. Many foreigners already own villas in various parts of the city, either for personal use or for investment purposes.

Which is the best community for me?

There are numerous communities in Dubai, all having their salient features and advantages. Some are located around beaches, while some are right in the centre of the city. Some offer luxurious villas with high-end amenities, while others focus on catering to the basic necessities. It entirely depends on the buyers on what they are looking for and their expectations in both the short and long term. DAMAC Properties offer a wide range of villas understanding the specific requirements of every buyer. Explore the exclusive range of villas for sale in DAMAC Hills 2 to find the most suitable house in one of the best villa communities in Dubai, depending on your requirements.

How much does a Villa cost in Dubai?

Like renting in the UAE, buying a villa in Dubai is never a tiny investment. However, with growing opportunities, many individuals consider buying a villa rather than paying rent. The average prices for villas in Dubai depend on several factors like the number of bedrooms, total area of the house, amenities within the villa, and most importantly, the villa's location. Villa rates in developing vicinities are comparatively lower than fully developed communities. However, the median rate of a villa in Dubai can be considered in the range of AED 2 to 3 million.

How is the developer's contribution significant in villas?

It is extremely critical to have a good understanding of the developer of your property. It helps a lot when you are aware of the builder's history and know some of their previous and other ongoing projects. Always choose a reputed and expert developer in the region, as you would never want to compromise on the quality and standards of your establishment.

Always choose an experienced group like Damac properties, where you get numerous high-quality options to choose from.