Investing in a family home in Dubai? Here are 4 factors to consider

Sun, 13 Nov, 2016
Investing in a family home in Dubai? Here are 4 factors to consider
Investing in a family home in Dubai? Here are 4 factors to consider

Millennials do not want rentals, they want to be owners! This is creating a fresh wave of demand for family homes worldwide. Searching for your dream family home in Dubai can come with different challenges for the different types of home-hunter. To help you with your search, here are the top four factors that make a family-friendly home.

Safety quotient

The safety of your Family is a primary concern when buying a home and Dubai is a top choice when it comes to civil safety The UAE is officially ranked as the third safest country in the world as per the Global Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015 conducted by the World Economic Forum. Furthermore, according to a study by Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), during daytime 86.5% of people are satisfied with their security. UAE also enjoys lower crime rates compared to other cities such as the United States and Germany and ranks 9th in personal safety according to the Social Progress Index. Furthermore, all buildings in Dubai (residential projects or commercial) are required to be under CCTV surveillance. DAMAC Properties is one of the early adopters to this trend and all its constructions are guarded by a 24-hour security surveillance, day or night!

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The location

Dubai is one of the top places in the world to provide a well-maintained balance between urbanization and suburban lifestyle. While it offers family homes in close proximity to important amenities such as offices, schools, and hospitals, they still offer the tranquillity families need. For example, AKOYA Fresh by DAMAC Properties is a cluster of luxury homes cocooned away in nature’s own bounty with access to an international golf course and an array of dining and shopping options. AKOYA Fresh villas are also conveniently located less than a 20-minute drive to Downtown Dubai, Mall of the Emirates and Palm Jumeirah.

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The green advantage

Lack of greenery negatively affects the psyche, while its presence is known to boost holistic health. Researchers have linked better cognitive function, especially in children, with green, open landscapes. To combat pollution, obesity and all the perils of modern life, AKOYA Fresh is located in the master community – Akoya Oxygen Vardon which boasts sprawling landscapes, fitness centres as well as a yoga enclave for holistic healing. 

Space dynamics

Planning a family is one thing, creating an environment that helps nurture them is another. A spacious home can add a lot of value by giving a sense of freedom to your daily lives. Consider whether there is enough safe space within the house and outside for the kids. How does the parking measure up? Kitchen, gardens, a lively porch for small family catch-ups, guest spaces, basically space dynamics all add to creating the perfect family-friendly home.

Moving is an elaborate, costly and inconvenient business- get it right the first time and you’ll have a place to call home forever!

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