Steps to Consider While Buying Property in Dubai 2023

Wed, 06 Jan, 2021

As an individual, you should ask yourself why are you putting money in real estate. Is it for earning extra income or for residential purposes? If you are able to identify your investment purpose, you will be able to determine how much you are able to spend, where you can purchase and what are the different types of units to look out for. You can look out for viable options and companies for property investment in Dubai


If you are looking to save on rent, your overall process of research would vary, specifically if you are living with your family. Other important factors including location, unit size and access to school or work would also come into play.

If you’re purchasing for the purpose of investment, you also need to consider unexpected problems and recurring costs. This could include difficult tenants, evictions and other new laws regarding Dubai property market. This is why it is essential to comply with legal process of purchasing Properties for sale in Dubai

An individual of any specific nationality has the option to purchase a property in Dubai. This could include living as resident or overseas within the UAE. As a result, there is a high choice of Dubai properties available for potential buyers in the specific designated freehold areas of UAE.

From glamorous apartments in high-rise towers near the Burj Khalifa as well as the popular Dubai Marina for the purpose of purchasing spacious villas in family-friendly master developments as well as global golf communities. You can explore real estate in Dubai. 

It is essential to note that purchasing a property in Dubai does have various advantages. It is also very easy to maintain. It has now become simple to research regarding developers. Because new technology has been introduced on a consistent basis, customers are able to purchase with confidence.

Easy payments, virtual tours, streamlined procedures, along with convenient contact with developers through various applications and various special secure platforms throughout. This also allows for easy investments as well as property management thereafter.

It is a fact that the Government of Dubai also provides massive support to the UAE’s real estate sector with a mission for establishing the most important real estate sector across global and regional levels along with the processes and technology to back it up.

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Accountability and transparency

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) had been created in January 1960 for the purpose of managing all essential matters related to purchase and sale of commercial properties in UAE. The regulatory arm of the DLD is the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

This sets the plans and policies for Dubai’s property sector. Within the context of Dubai Property Market, RERA provides a highly transparent legal framework within the online society. This also puts together various reputable developers.

They are supported by complementary sectors including banks, insurers and law firms. As a result, investors can have confidence and peace of mind for the purpose of their personal property purchases.

Understanding costs involved

You should also evaluate how you can attain your initial Investment Method of property in Dubai. It is essential that you are able to understand all the costs involved. This should also be related not only to property purchase but also managing and maintaining it later is equally essential.

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When it comes to costs, we also have to consider agent’s commission, registration fees and bank charges if you are required to take a mortgage which can be set by DAMAC mortgage calculator. As an owner, you as an owner will be required to pay service charges as well as maintenance for the property.

You should also consider whether the unit that you are planning to buy is ready so that you can move in. Off-plan could also provide you significantly more time to payment. This is because payments are also based on completion stages. However, they will also delay you moving in or any rental income.

It is essential to note that ready to move in means that the property it’s waiting to be your home or to start being let out.  You should also consider if your property will be an investment to rent out or if will live in it? This is pivotal to understand as it will have a significant impact on the location and type of your purchase.

Purchasing to live

You should consider whether you are considering for purchase so that you can live in the property. It is essential that you should find out regarded the different communities that you are considering.  Identify your personal requirements and match them in the community that could meet them the most.

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You should evaluate whether you prefer an apartment or a villa? You should also evaluate if you want to be directly close to work? Are there educational institutes if they have children? Are the community amenities sufficient? 

It is also essential that you should evaluate what your budget actually allows. You should ask will this home last you as a long term investment or will you require moving in a year or two? You should also know what is the resale market in the neighborhood.

Buying to rent out

From a real estate perspective, Dubai boasts some of the best rental yields in the world. It also provides various investment opportunities for overseas residents. Your individual choice to purchase a property in Dubai is based on your personal choice. It is essential that you do your personal research for commercial properties and freehold properties.

It is essential that you evaluate the most popular neighborhoods as well as the type of unit that yields some of the best rental returns. It is essential that you should think whether you be able to afford or take a break in your income if your tenant ever moves out? You should consider for having a mortgage to cover? If you ever need to sell your property, you should consider how much you will be able to sell your unit for.

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In the worst case scenario, is it possible that you could be able to cover your personal costs. Moreover, you can also obtain a hefty profit even if you are required to sell your property quickly.

Making an offer

If you want to purchase a property, you have to make sure that you are able to set an offer price along with some leverage for negotiation. Moreover, you should also settle on a relevant price for the home or building that you do want to invest in.

When purchasing property in Dubai, the seller and buyer are required to have to agree to the terms of the sale. If the sale and cost date have been agreed upon, both parties to the contract will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 

The buyer would also be needed to make a payment of an initial deposit and also file various other important forms of paperwork for buying property in Dubai. In other cases, the buyer would also be expected payment of a real estate agent's commission fee and also the transfer fees for the sale.

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Arranging your finance

There are some investors that want are interesting for buying property in Dubai through cash. This is also regarded as preferred means of transaction as it simplifies the method to buy property. Moreover, it also streamlines the property buying process. Apart from that, there is also an alternative option of a mortgage that is widely available, based on eligibility. 

For buying property in Dubai expat, you will require a wide variety of legal documents. This includes income statement from your employer. You should also include recent pay stubs for proving that you do receive an income on regular basis. 

For Investing in Dubai real estate, you may also be required to provide recent bank statements along with credit card statements. This will help you to create your personal credit history with the lender. You should also bring a copy of your passport.

This includes visa for verification. Moreover, residents looking to purchase home in Dubai are also expected to present their Emirates ID and proof of address when they are applying for a mortgage. 

You can be assured that Dubai’s regulatory environment does make sure that property buyers have been protected throughout the investment process. Due to sufficient care and customization, property ownership within the emirate could become a truly rewarding experience. 

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Dubai property visa

UAE government has issued various investment visa rules. Among the different Dubai property visa initiatives that have recently been launched, the five-year property investment visa has drawn significant attention from investors.

Among the key pre-criteria for a residency visa application is a minimum investment of AED 5 million in the sector of real estate in Dubai. Investors are also entitled to apply for a three-year property investment visa. This can also be facilitated at the Dubai Land Department (DLD). This is subject to an investment of at least AED 1 million for buying property in Dubai.

How to purchase from a property developer?

You have an option for Investing in Dubai property from a highly reputable Real Estate developer, such as DAMAC Properties. To initiate the process, you have to pay a reservation or token fee to book the property. This is usually around 10%. You will also require your passport. 

Bookings for buying property in Dubai can also be made online at After that, a customer representative would help in taking you through the overall process and will inform you about the various property prices. 

The real estate developer will provide you with a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) with a specific fee. Then the Sales & Purchase Agreement can also be signed and drawn up. Transfer of ownership can also be made at Dubai Land Department (DLD) and after issuance of Title Deed.

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The entire process takes nearly around 30 days to complete. You can than evaluate the various properties for sale available. Buying property in Dubai is a big decision. However, your home in Dubai is easily attainable than perhaps you first thought. 

Dubai is famous for being a global centre for real estate, tourism, entertainment and business, and there are many luxury properties around the city that can be owned by expats and locals alike. Known for luxury housing and incredible life spaces real estate investors and homebuyers often look for an Apartment for sale in Dubai By Crypto, Properties For Sale In Akoya Oxygen, 1 BHK Flats For Sale In Elegance Tower and Apartments For Sale In Akoya Oxygen. With the increasing demand for luxury living, leading developers in the region such as DAMAC Properties have come up with some exciting projects like Damac hills AND DAMAC hills 2 accompanied by state of the art amenities to fulfil all your housing needs. 


Is it worth buying property in Dubai?

It is indeed worth buying real estate for property investment in Dubai. This tax-free income is and low mortgage registration fees are amongst the reasons for purchasing property in Dubai for residential as well as investment purposes. Dubai also continues to be one of the top cities to visit as well as live in. It provides the properties here with high investment potential.

What is buying property in Dubai process?

The process for buying a property in Dubai is easy if done correctly in time.

  • Gather necessary documents – Emirates ID, Passport, Residence Vise, etc.
  • If you need mortgage, you need to get pre-approval for the loan from your bank.
  • Once the property is finalised, a MOU needs to be signed between the buyer and seller of the property. The MOU includes all clauses and payment transfer conditions.
  • The MOU gets registered with DLD at Registration Trustee Office.
  • The Registration Trustee sends the details for clearance back to DLD for clearance.
  • Get the final approval if applied for mortgage.
  • Get the no-objection-certificate (NOC) from your property developer. An NOC certifies that all dues are clear.
  • Bank issues the final offer letter (within two to three weeks).
  • Property seller’s bank will generate a liability letter and the buyer’s bank will clear the liability.
  • The money is paid through a cheque or bank transfer with the Registration Trustee. All the amount including issuance fees of title deed.

Can a foreigner buy property in Dubai?

As an individual of any nationality, whether you are based overseas or a resident of Dubai, you have the option to purchase Freehold properties for sale in Dubai market in specific areas that have been authorized by His Highness the Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. Foreign investors are not required for holding any residency type or similar permit for the purpose of purchasing property.

Expatriate residents and Foreigners have the option to acquire freehold ownership rights over property without leasehold rights, restriction or usufruct rights for nearly 99 years.

Is it a good time to purchase property in Dubai?

From an investor point of view, purchasing property in Dubai is a safe and very attractive option. It provides investors with an opportunity to obtain a good deal on property. This would also result in having even better returns on investment if the economy continues. Its recovery as well as the demand for rental properties increases.

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