Experience Dubai at new heights

August 23, 2016

An unforgettable adrenaline rush – AYKON Dare is the first of its kind in the region; a new tourist attraction set to get pulses racing.

Situated at the very crown of the tallest tower in AYKON City, dare devils can venture out onto the impressive roofline with nothing between them but fresh air and the city 285 metres below.

Starting 78 floors up

Accessible from the 78th floor lounge and dining room, you’ll walk out onto the landing platform before beginning your ascent, harnessed to the safety rail leading up the roofline to the upper level.

Take a different view of the city

You’ll experience views of Dubai like never before as you effectively ‘float’ in the clouds with the wind in your hair, whilst enjoying the cooler ambient temperature. On a clear day, you might see as far as the Dubai / Abu Dhabi border, and out to the Gulf’s fantastic coastline from one end of Dubai to the other, not to mention the illustrious Burj area and Business Bay. Look down and you’ll see Dubai Canal, CITY WALK, BOXPARK and the vehicular backbone of the emirate, Sheikh Zayed Road.

But the excitement doesn’t end there.

Still going up

Once you reach the upper level, you’ll be free to look through the telescopes and enjoy a juice. Then, head into the glass-floored viewing capsule in the AYKONIC ‘D’ at the crest of the tower. Look down if you dare!

Hang around as long as you like

You’re free to take as long as you like enjoying your experience. You might be a little wary to begin with, but your guide will point out sights and perhaps even show you the odd trick, so you’ll be a dare devil before you know it!

Back down to earth

You’ll be harnessed up to the rail again and escorted back down to the landing platform, all the time taking in magnificent vistas of everything the city has to offer.

How it works

  • You will be fitted with a jumpsuit and harness
  • Your guide will accompany you to the landing platform
  • Your harness will be fixed to the rail and you’ll have time to stop and admire the views before you climb
  • At the upper level you’ll be taken into the glass-floored viewing capsule – look straight down if you dare!
  • You’ll also be free to use the telescopes, in various positions and take refreshments before beginning your descent




FLOORS                78 floors

HEIGHT                 285 to upper level (entire tower – 295 metres)

VIEWS                   360° panoramic views

CLIMB                   106 metres in harness

RANK                    among the top 25 highest observation decks worldwide

TIME                      45 minutes to one hour

SERVICES             Telescopes available and juice bar at upper level

VISITORS             up to 10 people per journey

RANGE                 60 kilometres on a clear day

This is a carefully controlled experience that uses state-of-the-art safety equipment and the guidance of trained professionals.

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