Discover the Eight Wonders of the Mediterranean at DAMAC Lagoons

Mon, 22 Nov, 2021

DAMAC’s newest project, DAMAC Lagoons, breathes life into some of the world’s most breathtaking cities. The project, executed in an inimitable fashion, is homage to the Mediterranean life. This community destination offers all you are seeking – from entertainment and music, to thrill and adventure.

1) The Floating City:

The city of Venice is also known as the ‘Floating City’ since it seems like the city’s buildings are emerging directly from the waters. Venice was built on a fairly swampy region that comprised more than a hundred marshlands and islands in between.

With DAMAC Lagoons, you can enjoy much more than a glimpse of what the Floating City has to offer –from the waterside cafes and gondola rides to the tremendous live entertainment. DAMAC Lagoons has ensured that its residents can enjoy the Venetian life in its full glory.

2) The Serene Old Town:

Tangier is not just the port city for Morocco, but is also a very artistic escape for anyone seeking out a combination of beauty and history. The architecture of the city’s walls is as striking as the stories that those walls narrate.

Inspired by Morocco, DAMAC Lagoon’s Tranquility Hub is true to its name, offering tremendous inner peace and calmness. From the family cabanas to the infinity pools, every escape throughout the Hub displays Morocco’s landmark hues and hints.

3) The Wild Coast:

Costa Brava, also known as ‘the Wild Coast’, is lined with lively villages and unspoiled coves, offering seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the world. The coast’s many gems include scenic valleys and green stretches of pastures.

At DAMAC Lagoon’s Adrenaline Hub, you will experience a delightful fusion of exhilarating adventures and a Catalonian vibe. Offering adventures such as wave riding, paddle surfing, kayaking, and rock climbing, this is THE destination for people missing a bit of thrill from their lives.

4) The Vibrant Pearl:

The French City of Nice is a picturesque, beachside escape that evokes the French Riviera in all its glory. The olive trees and the soft light that emanates from their branches evidence the lazy youthfulness of this city.

The Youth Hub of Nice welcomes both the young and those who are young-at-heart. Walk along the BMX arena, or pedal all the way to the skate park. If you are someone who is less big on adventures, you can always turn to the splash pools and the beach area.

5) The Historic Capital:

Valetta, along with a unique Mediterranean vibe, also offers a rare cultural heritage. The city is a classic from the Renaissance era, and is filled with honey-stone domes, spires, and buildings, as well as twisting and turning old town streets.

At DAMAC Lagoons, your children can enjoy fun-filled learning, where classrooms consist of interactive water attractions, outdoor art exhibits, AR nature trails, camping islands, discovery mazes, and sensory plazas.

6) The Charming South:

Andalusia is renowned for its rich flavours, fascinating history, cobblestone streets, and the mesmerising blue-to-pink sunset hues.

With the DAMAC Lagoon’s Ladies Hub of Andalusia, women residents have a spot all to themselves. Ladies can sweat it out at the fully-equipped gym, get their hair and nails done at the beauty salon, or soak in calmness and spirituality inside the meditation lounge.

7) The Ligurian Gem:

Portofino is considered to be the most valuable treasure of the Riviera, and is representative of the old-world Italian glamour. This unique village is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and picturesque harbour.

At DAMAC Lagoon’s Work and Play Hub of Portofino, you can conduct and participate in productive lunch meetings and team-building events at the waterside café, while activities such as paddle surfing, sailing, and kayaking, provide the perfect opportunity to unwind.

8) The Island Odyssey:

Santorini will easy make to any list of the most photogenic destinations across the world, and never fails to captivate and stun its visitors with the sheer beauty that it has to offer. The white beaches invite you to carve moments and memories on the glittering sands.

At DAMAC Lagoon’s Fitness and Wellness Zone, activities such as wall climbing encourage you to test and push yourself. If you feel worn out by all the exertion, you can spend a lazy and relaxing afternoon by the nature pond. Once the sun sets, The Clubhouse awaits you for a grand celebration, and you can spend the night enjoying a movie under the starlit skies. 

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