DAMAC Lagoons: Where the Mediterranean Meets Dubai, Urban and natural environments for those who seek the lifestyle of a beach-side community.

Fri, 02 Sep, 2022

DAMAC Lagoons, located next to DAMAC Hills, is a gorgeous oasis inspired by the beauty and landscape of the Mediterranean. The homes are surrounded by blue lagoons and white sandy beaches evoking a sense of relaxation. Each area of the Lagoons is inspired by a different Mediterranean city -Portofino, Andalucía, Malta, Nice, Costa Brava, Santorini, Morocco and Venice. Begin a journey across the Mediterranean from the comfort of your own home.

The scenery is stunning everywhere you turn -Venice with its winding canals and gondola rides, the remarkable architecture in Morocco and the greenery and adventure of Costa Brava. Enjoy the picturesque beaches of Nice, the domes and spires of Malta and the cobblestone streets of Andalucía. Transport yourself to the pristine waters of Portofino and the white sands of Santorini -all of this, just around the corner from your home in Dubai.

Here are some of the community projects that include:


Nestled in the lap of DAMAC Hills, Dubailand Project, What could be better than 1 million square feet of azure blue lagoons? Making it your home. That's what you can expect at Santorini –plush townhouses and villas with white-washed exteriors and blue touches. Santorini evokes typical Mediterranean motifs while being surrounded by the beauty at DAMAC Lagoons. The white sandy beaches allure, inviting you to leave footprints and take home memories.

At Santorini, the homes are strung together by quaint pathways, bicycle tracks and ornamental foliage evoking the awe and wonder of Santorini –Greece, one of the world's most photographed destinations. Here, thoughtfully designed spaces meet tasteful interiors and expansive outdoor spaces –all just a walk away from the black sand beach and the other water-inspired experiences at DAMAC Lagoons.


Costa Brava at DAMAC Lagoons represents an artistic collection of villas and townhouses surrounded by Catalonia vibes and exhilarating adventures.  The Spanish-style homes at Costa Brava showcase life's little treasures coming alive with rooftop access, garden water features, hammock flooring and a lot more.

Step out and it's an adrenalin rush with rock-climbing, indoor snorkeling, kayaking, paddle surfing, zip lining and other exciting water adventures. Vibrant living is the vibe of Costa Brava. So no matter what you're looking for in the everyday, this is where it all comes to life. Bienvenido, make yourself at home.


Nice at DAMAC Lagoons opens your world to homes surrounded by classic French feels, with escapes for the young, and the young at heart. With villas inspired by artful, vintage and contemporary design, every homecoming feels like an escape to the South East of France.

Outside your home, great moments await with brilliant blue waters, lush landscapes and Mediterranean vibes splashed all around. Look further and you'll find the skate park, bicycle trails, splash pools, art enclosure, outdoor cinema and a lot more.