Community Living Gaining Traction

Tue, 01 Jun, 2021

While cities around the world are getting more concrete, people are craving for greener and more open spaces. Real estate patrons and consumers have rediscovered the beauty of the `old-way' of living — ­the community living concept. The concept — also known as gated community — is gaining momentum, especially in cities like Dubai.

At DAMAC, we have initiated communities like DAMAC Hills and DAMAC Hills 2. They cater to the everyday needs of residents — be it living, leisure or work. These communities are highly appealing to home buyers who like the exclusivity, privacy, security, and value-add facilities.

Benefits of community living

The following are some of the most common benefits of community living:

Security: The first thing most homebuyers consider is the element of safety. When it comes to community living, that concern is taken care of, as it provides a secure, closed off environment with thorough checks at entry and exit, safety and security.

Recreational spaces:  Living within a community gives you the benefit of accessing amenities that are provided exclusively for you. Community living is centred around recreational facilities such as gardens, clubhouses, walking and jogging tracks, pools, sports facilities and child entertainment. Such spaces not only boost a sense of well-being, but they also connect you with neighbours who have similar interests. DAMAC Hills and DAMAC Hills 2 offer these amenities. For example, The Park in DAMAC Hills features a skate park, a horse stable, an ice rink, a petting zoo, a dog park and several lakes for fishing enthusiasts. Not to mention, it is the only residential community in the UAE to have a wave pool — the Malibu Bay beach pool.

Ideal environment for kids:  Families believe that community living holds is beneficial to the overall development of children. Growing up with like-minded, larger communities fosters stronger social skills.

Sense of unity: Community living also fosters neighbourliness — through events and celebrations organised for families and children to get to know one another. DAMAC regularly organises several family-oriented events such as food and handicrafts markets, movie screenings and other fun activities like the recently concluded first-ever cyclethon event, the Tour De DAMAC, as well as the Ramadan Sports Festival.

Green and eco-friendly:  One of the biggest advantages about living within a community is the lack of pollution, traffic, and the general hustle and bustle that comes with city life. A gated community is often greener and fresher than living downtown. It provides residents with clean, fresh air, tranquility and peace of mind. DAMAC’s communities at both DAMAC Hills and DAMAC Hills 2 are replete with green spaces, picnic areas and ponds.

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An investment that can’t go wrong

Regardless of whether you are seeking a permanent or temporary home, an investment in a closed community can rarely go wrong. The value of such neighbourhoods is only rising, as people are looking for a relaxed lifestyle to raise their families and feel at safe and at peace.