Top 5 Townhouse Communities in Dubai to Upgrade Your Lifestyle in 2022

Wed, 03 Nov, 2021

With its innumerable sun, surf, and sand options, as well as manmade entertainment hubs that offer all the leisure activities in the world, Dubai is a hip and happening place that is perfect for anyone who wants to live a trendy lifestyle. The city is warm and welcoming and has approximately 8.84 million expats out of a population of 9.99 million. If you want to live here, there are a large number of the best townhouse communities in Dubai you can choose from.

But first, let’s take a look at some other factors that make Dubai one of the very best places to live in the UAE.

Is Dubai a Good Place to Live?

There is a reason why the city has one of the biggest populations of expats in the world. Aside from entertainment, Dubai offers lucrative opportunities for businesses, high-paying jobs, a stable and tax-free economy and a whole lot more.

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Dubai offers a host of leisure and outdoor activities for people of all ages, interests and backgrounds. You can go skiing indoors in the summer season or enjoy a desert safari in the winter season. The city offers a plethora of malls and shopping districts where you can buy local and global items, as well as a range of local and exotic cuisine. You can go to the cinema and theatres, take a ride in a ferry, visit aquariums and flower exhibitions, or go on long walks on the beach. In Dubai, the fun never stops.


Dubai has one of the most stable economies in the entire Middle Eastern region as is evident by its high-class infrastructure, hospitals, schools, architecture, and more. The Emirati Dirham is a strong currency and the city has an annual GDP growth of 3.09%. Whether you are a local or an expatriate, both public and private businesses pay their employees handsomely, which is why so many professionals want to go to Dubai.

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Dubai has warm tropical weather throughout the year, which means you can enjoy all sorts of activities during the winter season as well. The city does not get snow, so it is a great place for people who don’t like the cold. In summers, the weather can become quite hot, making it the perfect time for some indoor swimming or spa sessions. There are also a variety of indoor activities that you can participate in air conditioned rooms.

Tax Free

One of the major reasons to live in Dubai is that it’s a zero-tax city-state. This means that you will not just earn a good salary here but it is also non-taxable, allowing you to save money for out-of-pocket expenses and savings. This can increase the quality of life in Dubai. In addition, the emirate does not charge VAT on most of its goods and services, which means they are cheaper.

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Cost-Effective Livinge

When people think of Dubai, they think that only people who have money can afford to live in the city-state. It is true that Dubai is known for its skyscrapers, exotic sports cars, various channels of entertainment, and luxury; however, any person from any background can enjoy all the amenities in Dubai. You can enjoy all sorts of culinary delights from all over the world and wear streetwear from designer brands. Affordable and Cheap apartments for sale in Dubai by crypto that can provide you with an upscale lifestyle and amenities. This is the reason why Dubai is such a popular work destination among professionals and white-collar workers.


Dubai boasts cutting-edge, modern infrastructure that has made life very comfortable for those who live there. The city-state’s education and health are of the highest international standards, so people with families can be assured of quality medical care and their children going to the best schools. Schools offer both American and British curriculum, so you have several options to choose from. The healthcare system is very reliable and offers best-in-class medical care with a highly trained and professional staff. The transport system is also very organised, fast, modern and clean. The metro systems are state-of-the-art and many people love to use in lieu of taxis and buses.

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Multiple Languages

Since most of Dubai’s population comprises expats, it is not surprising to hear every language in this country. Although Arabic is the national language, English is widely understood and spoken by both locals and foreigners.


If you consider other major cosmopolitan cities of the world with Dubai, you will find that the city-state has better law and order than many of the other states. That’s because the emirate has a very hardworking and organised police force that takes its job of protecting its residents seriously. The crime rate in the city is low and most people, particularly women and children, feel comfortable walking alone in the city without fear of harassment or theft.

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Tolerance for Other Religions

Although Dubai is a Muslim state, it allows people of all religions to coexist peacefully. Foreigners can practise their religion peacefully in the emirate and are also expected to show respect to the various religions and cultures of the city-state.

If you are moving to Dubai, you can live a high-quality lifestyle in a safe and secure environment with every amenity available to you. Dubai allows you not only a chance to earn well, but to continuously grow and prosper, enabling your family to live a life of privilege.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the very best townhouse communities in UAE that can make excellent residences for people in Dubai.

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The Top Townhouse Communities in Dubai

Townhouse communities in Dubai offer a perfect place for families to live. These properties are picture-perfect and come with a range of premium amenities, including state-of-the-art gymnasiums and sports facilities, landscaped gardens, lush golf courses and beautiful beach fronts for an exclusive lifestyle that is private and secure. The townhouses offer large and spacious rooms, open balconies and terraces, private or semi-private swimming pools and a whole host of other facilities.

Because of these reasons and more, townhouses in Dubai are becoming one of the most coveted properties to live or invest in. For people who do not want to live in apartments but are not ready for a huge change like a villa life, townhouses offer the best of both worlds.

Let’s take a look at some of the best areas to buy townhouses in Dubai:


Extending across 3 billion sq ft., Dubailand is a city within a city and offers numerous opportunities for investors looking for townhouses for sale. The mixed-development entertainment-focused mega-project provides a large variety of themed attractions, including the IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park and the Dubai Sports City.

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The project features a versatile mix of residential properties, including thousands of well-planned out townhouses with modern architecture, spacious rooms, and high-end amenities at an affordable price.  For those interested, townhouses can be found in 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom configurations. The prices for townhouses in Dubai are:

  • 1-bedroom townhouses: starting from AED 580K
  • 2-bedroom townhouses: AED 1.1 million
  • 3-bedroom townhouses: AED 1.38 million
  • 4-bedroom townhouses: AED 1.69 million

Dubailand offers some of the most lucrative townhouse communities in Dubai for locals and expats. Below are a few top ones:

DAMAC Lagoon

Best Townhouse Communities...DAMAC Lagoons

The DAMAC Lagoons is a hidden paradise nestled near the DAMAC Hills. This upcoming new gorgeous community offers a high-luxury beach lifestyle for residents who want a tropical vacation getaway right at their doorstep. The community is home to sparkling lagoons and white sand beaches that mimic the shores of Santorini, Costa Brava, and Malta and offers upscale villas and townhouses for sale. The waterfront community offers numerous amenities like health and wellness clubs, community centres, mosques, hospitals, and schools and allows residents to enjoy all sorts of outdoor and water activities, including swimming, snorkelling, sailing, fishing, and much more.

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Best Townhouse Communities...DAMAC Hills

DAMAC Hills is a prestigious project by DAMAC Properties and is a self-sufficient community that offers a lot of residential spaces, including apartments, villas, and townhouses. The community is home to the globally-recognised Trump International Golf Club and boasts a whopping four million square feet of green spaces, including landscaped gardens, football fields, tennis courts, stables, skate parks, lakes, and more.

One of the biggest perks for families is that the community offers popular food trucks and ice cream vans, along with excellent schools, including the Jebel Ali School, grocery stores like the Carrefour supermarket, a Green Zone that sells plants, a shuttle service to the Mall of the Emirates, a cleaning service, salons, and a whole lot more.

The neighbourhood is located along Umm Suqeim Road and is very close to major highways, which grants it easy access to key business districts and leisure communities. The district is extremely family- friendly and pet-friendly and hosts regular community events. In addition, it is close to some of the popular attractions of Dubai, including the IMG Worlds of Adventure, Global Village, Dubai Butterfly Garden, Dubai Miracle Garden, and Mall of the Emirates.

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Veneto Villas

Best Townhouse Communities...Veneto Villas

If you are looking to live in an exclusive high-end community with stunning limited-edition homes and your very own private piece of the Trump International Golf Club, Veneto Villas offers you all of that and more. The community is a part of DAMAC Hills and offers a beautiful collection of villas and townhouses that are set against a background of lush green landscaped lawns and fairways of the golf club, as well as a series of serene and crystalline blue lakes.

The villas and townhouses are made of clean, precise lines with earthy textures and are fitted with wide expanses of glasses that allow in lots of natural light and a gorgeous view of the golf course. The interiors of the townhouses are bright, airy, and spacious which you can decorate with your own personal touch. Outside, residents can enjoy a wide range of high-end amenities and facilities.

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DAMAC Hills 2

Best Townhouse Communities...DAMAC Hills 2

DAMAC Hills 2, originally known as AKOYA, is a mega project that offers one-of-a-kind sustainable and environment-conscious living experience in Dubailand. The community is focused on offering its residents plenty of green resources, including huge expanses of green landscapes, lakes and water features, and sports and wellness opportunities for people of all ages.

The community is located just 20 minutes away from Umm Suqeim Street and offers a gorgeous view of the golf course. This is an ideal community for people who want to get away from the noise and business of the city centre and enjoy a life of peace, tranquillity, and personal wellbeing.

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Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is a suburban community that has been made to reflect the peaceful and idyllic lifestyle of a village. JVC is one of the best communities in Dubai since it offers residential properties for both expats and locals and offers a versatile mix of apartments, townhouses, and villas. The residents also have access to state-of-the-art amenities, as well as access to major hotspots and districts, including the Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai Marina, Internet City, and Media City.

True to its name, the community offers 30 landscaped parks that lend it a very rural look; but it offers the latest and most advanced amenities to people who live there. Best of all, it is a freehold community so expats can enjoy ownership of properties in the community in perpetuity.

The prices for townhouses in Jumeirah Village Circle are:

  • 1-bedroom townhouses: AED 1.3 million
  • 2-bedroom townhouses: AED 1.34 million
  • 3-bedroom townhouses: AED 1.63 million
  • 4-bedroom townhouses: AED 1.89 million

Investing in Townhouses in Dubai

One of the most important benefits of a townhouse is that it removes you from the noise and chaos of the city centre and takes you to the more tranquil suburbs.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in townhouses in Dubai:

Excellent Value

Townhouses are more inexpensive than villas and completely detached homes, depending on their location. In addition, properties in the suburb tend to be less expensive than comparable properties in the urban city. In addition, their lower price means lower financial risk. Plus, they offer a good return on investments.

Quality Living

Townhouses are designed to provide residents with a high quality of life, comparable to those living in villas. Townhouses are located in some of the best communities in Dubai and offer excellent amenities, security, transport systems, and proximity to major attractions.

State-of-the-Art Amenities

Townhouses are mostly located near important amenities like hospitals, schools, restaurants, and shopping centres. Hence, they offer a lot of convenience to the residents. This makes these places more attractive to renters and buyers.

Less Maintenance

Since townhouses are located on smaller parcels of land than villas, they are also easier to maintain. Whether you are thinking of renting a townhouse or buying one, these properties can be low-cost and affordable investments and offer greater convenience to the whole family.

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Reasons Why You Need to Live in a Townhouse

Many people underestimate townhouses, but they are highly valuable residential options that can give you more amenities and privacy than an apartment, as well as less responsibilities than a villa. Here are a few reasons why a lot of people choose to live in townhouses in Dubai:

A Common Yard and Street-Level Amenities

Townhouses feature many shared spaces like a common yard, a driveway, and other street-level amenities. This means that homeowners are not obligated to take care of them. The association managing the property will take on the burden of doing that for you.

A Sense of Community

With townhouses, you do not have to go miles away to access an amenity like a gym. Most townhouses come with things like a gym and fitness club, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and other amenities that you can share with your neighbours, creating a sense of community.

Safety in Numbers

Since townhouses are shared by multiple families, they all share the responsibility of keeping the residences safe and secure. This way you can have peace of mind and not concern yourselves with issues like intrusions, trespassing, and violence because every neighbour is committed to the same interest.

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A Simpler Life

Townhouses are situated outside of the city centre and are away from the hustle and bustle of urban dwellings. This means life there is quieter and more serene, which can reduce stress. Your neighbours live next to you, not above and below you, so you do not have to deal with them stomping overhead and will have more privacy.

Close to Major Attractions

Townhouses are just far enough from urban centres to be peaceful, but not so far that you cannot access all sorts of amenities or go to the city centre with ease. Whether you want to eat at an exotic restaurant or want to buy a new pair of heels from the shopping mall, you can find everything within reach.

Outdoor Fun and Activities

Townhouse communities are designed with comfort and luxury in mind so chances are high that they offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. These can include amenities like landscaped parks, walkways, biking trails, sports stadiums and fields and other recreational activities.

Multi-Level Living

Unlike apartment complexes, townhouses may offer you more than one level as a living space. This is a big bonus since you will have more space to do all the things you love and you have more options for decorating. Plus, you can also have some “me time” from your family if you live with many people.

Perfect Price

Townhouses are more expensive than apartments as they offer more space, amenities, and privacy but they are less expensive than villas. People who are looking to move away from apartments to a more private place prefer townhouses since they are more within their budgets.

Less Responsibility

If you are a person who wants to transition from a life in an apartment to a more private place, townhouses are a great option since the change won’t be as jarring as a transfer to a villa, which would require more responsibility to handle.

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Rental Price of Living in a Gated Community

When it comes to renting a villa or a townhouse, one of the most important factors is how much you are willing to pay for rent. Typically, the monthly rent of villas is higher than that of townhouses. However, keep in mind that the difference may not be that great and the price may vary, depending on the community you have chosen to live in. For example, some villa communities are more exclusive, and hence, more expensive than others. In the same way, townhouses in some areas may be more expensive than villas in other areas. For example, the townhouses in Palm Jumeirah are more expensive than townhouses in Al Barsha.

Hence, the rental price of a house in a gated community depends on how much it is in demand and what amenities it provides. You can find both townhouses and villas within your budget if you do some preliminary research.

Benefits of Living in a Townhouse in Dubai

Are you thinking about finding a home in the best townhouse project in Dubai? If you are, there are dozens of amazing options to choose from. Let’s take a look at why living in a townhouse in Dubai is a great decision:


The best thing about townhouses is that they are affordable. If you value your privacy, townhouses are great investments since they are more affordable than villas.


There are many townhouses in Dubai that are a part of the larger community and have amenities like swimming pools, a common area, and a club. Large families with children will enjoy the spacious outdoor space that comes with townhouses.


Townhouses offer more privacy than apartments since they are semi-private residences. At the same time, they do not cut you off entirely from your neighbours, so people who love to socialise can easily do so without compromising their privacy.

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Shared Space

Since townhouses are generally smaller than villas, they may be less costly or less labour-intensive to maintain. In addition, since they share several common spaces, the burden of maintenance is equally divided among the various owners.

Understanding the Property Value of Townhouses

Many people think that like cars, residential properties like townhouses depreciate in value over time. That is not exactly correct. Townhouses appreciate in value over time, depending on the market conditions. Since Dubai has a stable economy and a lucrative real estate market, investment in townhouses in the city-state will yield high returns and capital growth.

Moreover, the land on which the townhouse is built also appreciates in value, depending on how in-demand that particular location is. Hence, a profitable townhouse is one that is high in demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy a villa or apartment in Dubai?

Investing in a villa or an apartment depends on an individual’s or family’s unique needs. A villa is a wonderful option if you want to get away from the chaos and crowds of the city. It offers you a more private home with a bigger space that allows your family to live comfortably. You may also have a terrace and a private swimming pool.

On the other hand, an apartment is better suited for people who want a greater sense of community and prefer to share their living amenities with others. As such, many amenities in apartments in dubai, like swimming pools and the common area are shared. Typically, apartments are more suited for smaller families but you can also get 4-bedroom apartments and even bigger ones in Dubai, subject to availability.

What are the best places for rich people to live in Dubai?

Dubai offers an endless range of residences for wealthy people, whether it is Cheap apartments for sale in Dubai, Properties for sale in DubaiProperties For Sale In Just Cavalli DAMAC Hills 2 Townhouse for sale in UAE and 3 bedroom villa for sale in dubai. One of the most preferred places where rich people like to live are villas. Click here to find out about the best villa communities in Dubai.

What are the best places for expats to stay in Dubai?

Dubai offers a versatile array of places for expats and foreigners to live in. Expats have the option to Freehold properties for sale in Dubai in the city-state that they own 100%. Some of the best communities in UAE for expats to live in can be found in “The Investors Guide to Invest in Dubai.”

Are villas and townhouses the same?

The difference between a townhouse and a villa is that a townhouse focuses more on the terraced style. Villas, on the other hand, do not have terraces. A villa is typically a detached and private structure built in the middle of spacious land.

A townhouse is built in a community and has its own homeowners association. They are typically multi-storey homes that have two walls and an entrance. One of the walls of a townhouse is shared with the neighbours, so it is a great property for those who want to live in a semi-private setting and want closer connections to their neighbours.

A villa, however, is more suited to people who want total privacy. That’s also the reason why they are built in places with a sparser population than places where townhouses are.

What is the best community for a townhouse with green landscaping?

If you love open green spaces, are environment-conscious, and into fitness, one of the best green spaces in Dubai is DAMAC Hills 2. This is a self-sustained community that focuses on sustainable living and has green landscapes, water features, and opportunities for outdoor fun. This is why expats and locals alike like to live in this place.