Avencia Villas In DAMAC Hills 2: Luxury Dubai Villas Designed To Challenge Your Expectations

Tue, 06 Sep, 2022

Avencia Villas In DAMAC Hills 2

Wild and curious, the Avencia Villas brand represents innovation, experimentation, reinvention, and a fierce desire to stand up and stand out. The Avencia Villas in DAMAC Hills 2 lives up to this reputation with flying colours.


Challenging the norms, these villas use modern materials and experimental graphics to convey a glam attitude and strong personality. The interiors will give you a sense of the exotic, wild intention behind this ground-breaking brand.

The entryway to these Luxury villas for sale in Dubai was specially designed for Avencia Villas the gated and exclusive community stands apart with its earthy patterns and bold use of colour and design. Each villa boasts a unique rooftop garden where you can rest, play or entertain as you wish. Harness your inner wild spirit and find the exact home that matches your personality and lifestyle.

Damac Properties is a Dubai-based company that is engaged in the development and sale of residential, commercial and industrial properties like Flats For Sale In Safa Two. The company was built on the strong foundations of the Al Ghurair Group, which has been in business for over 50 years. It is one of the largest conglomerates in UAE, with a number of subsidiaries dedicated to various sectors of the economy. These include retail, hospitality, real estate and engineering.

 Avencia Villas Offered Units 

Avencia is a luxury brand that is new to the UAE real estate scene. Based in Dubai, it has been selling villas throughout the country for several years, and its newest residential development, Avencia Villas in DAMAC Hills 2, offers over 60 of these Villas for sale in Dubai.

The Avencia Villas brand represents innovation and experimentation, with a fierce desire to stand out from other real estate developers. The designs of each individual villa are unique, reflecting the brand's values and showcasing the talent of the designers behind them. In fact, the entryway to these villas was specially designed by one of Avencia's own architects, who lives up to his own company's philosophy in his work. He uses modern materials and graphics to create an exotic yet luxurious ambience that exudes glamour and personality at every turn. Each villa has its own rooftop garden where you can rest or entertain as you like—these gardens have earthy patterns and bold use of colour that reflect the wild spirit behind this innovative brand.

Why are the villas in DAMAC Hills 2 so unique?

While many other developments boast a rooftop garden, this one has been specially designed for the Avencia Villas.The community is gated, with exclusive access and an overall sense of privacy and peace.

The interiors of these Luxury properties for sale in Dubai burst with colour, pattern and bold design that can only be described as wild and free. Each one is different, but they all stand out from the crowd while embodying their bold personalities.

The rooftop terrace is yet another example of experimentation: it has been crafted to be an outdoor space that is both exquisitely beautiful and uniquely metropolitan in its flavour. This is a place where you can feel free to let your imagination run wild and enjoy the city's nightlife—all while gazing up into the night sky and enjoying the cool Arabian breezes.


If you are looking for a unique luxury home in Dubai, this is a great place to start looking. Now that you know just what these luxury villas have to offer and all the features we mentioned above, we hope it won't be long you hear from you again.