6 Realty Apps Property Investors in Dubai Should Check Out!

Fri, 09 Feb, 2018
6 Realty Apps Property Investors in Dubai Should Check Out!

The Dubai Government has taken impressive steps to shift realty obligations and procedures from queues to clicks. Digitalising real estate, the synergy between the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and various government departments, has resulted in a few super- efficient, handy applications. Here are the top apps you, as an investor, should try out.

  • Mashrooi

A comprehensive kit for developers, Mashrooi reveals everything you want to learn about a project. From revealing the latest imagery and status on a project’s development to providing a complete profile on master developersand sub-developers; Mashrooi covers all bases.real estate Developers are categorised by name, location and the type of projects they produce. The app is more than just handy, it’s impressively reliable, owing to the fact that it displays data from the DLD’s Management System and the developer’s property management system – helping with matters like your escrow account and practical, accurate completion dates for projects.

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  • Ejari

Specially designed for rental and lease management operations, Ejari has been a huge success among property owners, representatives and property management companies. With a holistic approach to all leasing operations, Ejari cuts down the time and cost incurred in lease registration through speedy online registrations, simultaneously increasing the security quotient between all parties involved in the process. Features like the rental index calculator (RERA), renewals, transfers and cancellations make Ejari a one-stop app for all tenants and owners in Dubai.

  • Smart Judge

Legal jargon and formalities can get heavy and complex, especially for first time owners/tenants. The Smart Judge app is your legal friend, keeping you in the loop about the legal rights of all parties involved (with respect to Ejari) during a rental dispute. The app provides free legal consultations and also declares virtual rulings/verdicts against legal advice requests; saving all parties involved a lot of back and forth, plus costs involved in legal cases. Investors can also check out the Rental Dispute Centre application for appeal and mediation as well as other procedures relating to legal matters.

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  • Dubai Brokers

The Dubai Brokers app helps you evade questionable agents with real-time accurate details about all DLD-verified and licenced real estate agencies and agents. Users can also select desired brokers based on factors such as performance, specialisation and by the number of transactions made by that broker. Tap into this super useful app, which also verifies ownership certificates, helping investors cut down time and cost.

  • Smart Pay Service

Going cashless comes easy with the Smart Pay Service application, which enables you to clear transactions through your smart phone. Safeguarded by secure government channels, you can make payments through wire transfers (from select banks), credit cards or NQOODI wallet, which is another easy payment channel. The app allows you to save multiple credit card details, any of which can be used when required. In addition to these features, you also have access to your wallet balance and payment history.

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  • Investment Map Portal

This app acts as your investment advisor allowing you as an investor to make a well-informed decision. IMP interacts with investors for off-plan projects by providing them with thorough information about pipeline developments and developers looking to attract interested investors on a global level. The application also allows you to perform secure transactions, offering end-to-end solutions.

You can access DLD own portal and app for the latest news and lots of other features.

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