25 Interior Design Trends in Dubai for 2022

Sun, 18 Jul, 2021

The year 2020 was a rocky one so in 2021 people are looking for ways to get away from it all. This is evidenced by some of the interior design trends of 2021 in Dubai, which range from beautiful nature-inspired tones to an eclectic mixture of patterns, which and impart a sense of personality, uniqueness, serenity, and joy.


So without further ado let’s take a look at some latest trends in interior design 2021:

How Interior Design Trends Develop

Interior design trends are influenced by current situations as well as cultures around the world. Since interior design trends are very fluid and dynamic, trends often recycle and can make a return at a later time, often with a twist.

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To give you an example of how home decorating trends are influenced, let’s take a look at the post-World War I era of the “Roaring ‘20s,” featuring over-the-top parties and girls in flapper dresses. Since the people were breathing a sigh of relief from the war, they were seeking opulence and glamor. Hence, during those days, the Art Deco style came to life featuring ornate wallpapers, elaborate chandeliers, furs, and silk draped across sofas, and other luxury interior design trends.

Fast forward to the 21st century and you will see an interior design transformation featuring modern homes, with clean and sleek lines accompanied by organic imperfections. Pale walls with earthy toned floors and accented furniture and textile are all the rage these days and make up the top interior design trends of 2021.

What Are The 7 Elements Of Interior Design?

In interior design, there are seven elements that are considered. These are listed below:

Space: Getting the right balance between space and the objects in the room is key to living room interior design trends in2021. A well-laid-out room with more empty (negative) space will feel more light, spacious, and bigger. However, too much negative space can make the room appear sparsely furnished and cold.

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On the other hand, positive space, which is the space that consists of the furniture and fixtures in your room, should also be well-balanced because if there are a lot of objects in the room, it can make the room feel stuffy and cluttered.

What sort of home you want depends on your own unique personality. However, as a general room, the walking passage in the room should be at least one meter wide, while the space between different items of furniture should be around 50 cm.

Line: The lines in your room can be horizontal, vertical, or dynamic and should be employed to bring focus to your room.

Horizontal lines from features like tables, couches, rugs, and fireplaces, can bring a sense of stability and make your room feel wider. The vertical lines of the room from features like doors, windows, cabinets, and drapes can make your room feel taller. On the other hand, dynamic lines like curves and zigzags from features like modern furniture, sculptures, and staircases, can inject some energy and inspiration into the room.

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Form: Form consists of the shape of the room as well as the shape of the objects in the room, like furniture, fixtures, and artwork. These pieces may have geometrical or free-flowing shapes. Again, the key is that there should be a balance between the geometric forms that bring strength and stability to the interior in contrast with the softness.

Interio design trends..What Are The 7 Elements Of Interior Design?

Light: Your interior typically will make use of a combination of natural daylight and artificial lighting. Lighting in the room can also be adjusted with the help of drapes, dimmer switches, window treatments, and hanging windows, depending on what type of ambiance you want for the different rooms in your home.

Color: Color is very important because it can make your room feel larger, lighter, warmer, and cozier. It is important that the color you choose complements the use of the room. For example, your bedroom should have restful shades, while your kitchen may have lively hues.

Although it is a good idea to use multiple colors for your room, do not go overboard with it since too many different colors can create a disconnect in your room and make it look like a mess.

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Texture: Texture is important because of how it feels and every part of your room, from the furniture and flooring to the decorative accessories and artwork, contributes towards the texture of the room. Creating a mix of contrasting and complementary textures helps to add depth and personality to your room.

Pattern: Pattern is another element that inspires interest and uniqueness in the room. The patterns in your room may come from the textile, wallpaper, rugs, and artwork. Based on your preference, the patterns can be geometric, floral, damask, abstract, or a combination of these and any other design that create an air of harmony in your room without making it seem too busy.

Now that we have covered the basics, let us take a look at some of the interior home design trends of 2021:

Maximalism Replaces Minimalism

Interio design trends..Maximalism Replaces Minimalism

People think that maximalism means to stuff their rooms with all manner of items. Although this interior design trend does follow the “more is more” concept, your décor should not look random. Instead, it should promote repetition of your favorite patterns, color palettes, fabrics, and accessories.

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Maximalism is the opposite of minimalism which encourages a bare minimum lifestyle. On the other hand, maximalism encourages making the most of your space in the best way possible.

The Classic Combination of Checks and Stripes


One of the most classical combinations in existence is that of checks and stripes. You cannot go wrong with this interior design trend. Stripes, particularly two-color stripes, are the easiest pattern to work with since they can be mixed with all other types of patterns.

 Stripes pair particularly well with checks and complement the geometry in them. For this year, it is a good idea to take checks and stripes in two or three colors to give your room a nice, put-together look, without making it seem to chaotic.

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Sculptural Furniture for an Uber-Modern Look

Interio design trends..Sculptural Furniture for an Uber-Modern Look

Sculptural furniture is a feature of ultra-modern interior design. If you want your room to have a more avant-garde and artistic look, getting one or two pieces of sculptural furniture crafted out of bamboo, wooden, wicker cane, acrylic, or even a light metal like aluminum can create a tasteful and contemporary vibe in your room.

These dramatic pieces of furniture form the focus of your room and have the power to immediately draw the eye and leave you inspired.

Accent with Bold and Bright Primary Colors

The primary colors, red, blue, and yellow, form the foundation of all colors. You may see these colors in lighter and more pastel shades but they are less common in their true vibrant hues. That may be because these colors are quite bold. However, when you combine one or two primary colors with lighter shades and geometric designs, you can create a modern look for your home.

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These colors are not used as dominant room colors but are great choices for accent furniture, fabric, and accessories. They also go very well with blacks, whites, greys, neutral, and earthy tones and can help statement features in your room pop out.

Make Your Living Room a Tropical Wonderland

Interio design trends..Make Your Living Room a Tropical Wonderland

The technique of using murals goes back to the prehistoric caves found in France. If you live in colder climes or if you simply enjoy the view of nature, then adding a beautiful flora or fauna scene on your bedroom, bathroom, or living room wall can transform your space into a tropical wonderland.

Depending on the colors and theme of your room, you can choose graphics of vibrant green forests, fiery orange and red autumn leaves, or cerulean blue seas, in either bold or subtle prints for your mural.

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Insta-worthy Cottagecore Homes

This is one of the timeless interior design trends for people who want a modern home but also want to inject some character and personality into their living room or kitchen. This type of decorating theme works well with homes that already have some classic features like exposed beams, wall panels, and original floorboards.

A fusion of traditional designs and modern pieces, the rustic vogue uses pieces that show a lot of grain and texture rather than objects that have are perfect, clean, and sleek.

Combine Sunny and Cloudy Shades

Interio design trends..Combine Sunny and Cloudy Shades

A combination of bright and zesty yellow with a sedate medium gray is one of the hottest interior design color trends of 2021. The two colors are on the different ends of the spectrum and have completely opposite hues. If the yellow is painted in its entirety on the wall, it may seem too bright and shocking and if the grey is done exclusively on the walls, your home may seem drab. However, when these colors come together in harmony, they draw a picture of joy and vibrancy with strength and balance.

A Touch of Country Chic

Interio design trends..A Touch of Country Chic

If you want to inject some idealistic simplicity, rusticness, and nostalgia into your home, the cottage come theme along with a touch of luxury can create a hybrid traditional-luxe style for your home. Using simple and traditional walls, floorings, and furniture with muted neutrals and pastels while adding statement gold items and elegant vintage elements can help you get the look you want while keeping you within budget.

Experiment with Rural and Rustic Decor

If you want to reminisce about the rural countryside, adding warm amber tones, wooden furniture, soft floral prints, and beautiful embroidery to your living space. Experiment by mixing and matching natural textures in muted colors and pretty patterns for a cozy and welcoming look for your home.

Escape to a Tropical Island

Interio design trends..Escape to a Tropical Island

If you can’t escape to a tropical island, bring it home to you. By adding some beautiful tropical foliage and floral patterns and designs to your living space, you can bring a tropical vibe to your living space. Some of the colors that can help inspire a serene and relaxing living space are soft monotones, tropical jewel colors, and light lemon shades.

You can add digitally-printed murals to the walls of your home to imitate the beautiful landscape of the Polynesian and Caribbean islands, making your living room a safe, calm, and inviting place to relax with friends and family.

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Say Hello to Vintage Elements

One of the new interior design trends is the use of antique, retro, and repurposed pieces in your home to give your place a vintage look. Key elements to this theme are the use of strong colors and traditional-style furniture with just a pop of color. Contrast works well with vintage themes.

One of the benefits of vintage interior designs is that you can build upon it over time and add fusion elements to the design, including statement lighting and richer fabric to give it a more contemporary style.

Nourish Your Home with a Nature Palette

Interio design trends..Nourish Your Home with a Nature Palette

No one can go wrong with nature’s color palette. You can use beautiful warm shades of browns, mustard, dusky, taupes, greys, pinks, and greens mixed with some crème and gold to bring a sense of calmness, comfort, and wellbeing into your home.

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According to research, nature-inspired colors are nourishing and are good for your health as well, which is now more important than ever.

Deep and Warm Colors

Even though it is sunny all year round in Dubai, warm colors can work well in these conditions as well. In 2021, we expect to see a lot of burnt oranges, deep peacock blues, deep emerald greens coupled with more muted tones like charcoal grey and navy, which can create a lot of depth and coziness in your space.

These colors work well for any time of the year and can lend a lot of character to your home.

Take Inspirations From Around the Globe

Interio design trends..Take Inspirations From Around the Globe

The global style is inspired by the various cultures from around the world and features a range of colors, textures, prints, and patterns that can make any traveler or nomad feel at home. The theme often features earthy or muted tones with natural textures. Typically, woven, wooden, or rattan accessories are used to spruce up the living space.

The key is to capture the essence of the global cultures from around the world and embracing soothing color palettes and favorite patterns that can transform your home into a sanctuary.

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Be at Peace With Ocean-Blue Colors

Interio design trends..Be at Peace With Ocean-Blue Colors

The tranquil blue colors of the ocean can give your home a calm and contemporary look. Ocean blue is one of the most trending colors of 2021, with shades ranging from teal, cerulean, aquamarine, and seafoam, imparting a sense of peace and comfort for modern interiors.

Use ocean hues as accent pieces of furniture or accessories or paint an ocean-hued wall with toned-down colors for furniture and flooring.

Timeless Traditional Trends

Timeless and classic, the traditional theme takes elements from the 19th century, integrating classic art, antique pieces, and classic furniture into your home. This interior design theme brings a sense of harmony, order, and warmth into any living space favors symmetry.

You can use softer, traditional pieces of furniture, with a damask, stripes, and ornate patterns. The classic traditionalism trend has become one of the key living room interior design trends of 2021.

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Give a Lived-in LookWith Shabby Chic

This is one of the most popular classic and timeless home decor trends that is a hybrid of faded opulence and an organic sense of luxury. This interior design theme embraces imperfection and raw elements rather than clean designs.

To create this style in your home, look for aged pieces of furniture and mirrors, and chandeliers that are not perfectly restored and mix them up with some newer elements. Imperfections in the wooden floor, tarnished mirrors, faded fabrics, and blemishes in the furniture all add to the rustic charm.

Sustainability & Conscious Living

Interio design trends..Sustainability & Conscious Living

Sustainability and environmental-friendly choices are key to this trend. Invest in colors that are found in nature and have warm tones like earthy orange, deep browns, olive greens, soft moss, and golden creams. You should also look for soft, organic, and resilient fabrics for your home.

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As the concept of conscious living is rising, we also see people buying furniture that is strong, durable, and high-quality. There is very little opulence as the trend focuses on understated furniture, sustainable material, multifunctional items, and a minimalist lifestyle.

Focus on the Home Office

Your home office should be designed in a way that promotes thought and energy. Typically, an office with crisp and clean lines with creative artwork and patterned walls can inspire inspiration and imparts comfort. A desk light or spotlight is one of the essential elements of the office interior design trends of 2021.

Your chair should also be comfortable but you should understand the level of comfort you need to have. For example, a cushy armchair will give your office a more library-like feel, while an upright swivel chair with an ergonomic backrest is good for some written office work.

When it comes to fabric, mid-century velvet seating is one of the most popular choices. People also like to get chairs with interesting designs.

Cocoon In a Snug Sleeping Space

Interio design trends..Cocoon In a Snug Sleeping Space

One of the latest bedroom interior design trends is creating a snug sleeping space. The bedroom is one of the trickiest spaces to design. You want to make this space cozy and comfortable with a mixture of different fabrics, like wool and linen on the armchairs and sofas. If you need a table in your bedroom, wood is a good material for it.

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To have a cozy and snug sleeping space, use patterns and furniture which add warmth, make the place feel lived-in, and welcoming.

Have Fun with Show-stopping Headboards And Canopies

Inspired by boutique hotels, people are now preferring show-stopping statement headboards and canopies in their bedrooms. Depending on your preference, you can have fun experimenting with bright colors and patterns. In addition, you can add wallpaper in your bedroom to match or coordinate with your headboard and canopy.

Don’t be afraid to get out of the box and choose a more artsy style to lend character to your bedroom.

Boutique Hotel-Inspired Lux Interiors

Interio design trends..Boutique Hotel-Inspired Lux Interiors

Luxury interior design trends in 2021 are one of the hottest home decorating themes. If you want to make your home seem like a luxurious penthouse, you can try a blend of boutique hotel design, Vietnamese modernism, and art deco style in your living space.

The trending elements for luxury interiors these days include geometric shapes, monochromatic patterns, and luxurious velvet, which can lend an air of opulence to your home and provide you all the comfort and sophistication of luxury hotels.

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Maximalism: Go Big or Go Home

After a decade of minimalism, people are now returning to decorating their homes with highly personalized and decorative items. The house is now evolving into a place filled with fun, memories, and character.

The maximalism trend features favorite pieces of fabrics, color choices, and versatile silhouettes, with furniture and fixtures acting as nostalgic elements. Using stained woods, dark floral patterns, and choice pieces of vintage furniture gives people a unique sense of identity and individualism.

Bring Nature Inside Your Home

Interio design trends..Bring Nature Inside Your Home

One of the most easiest and affordable ways to spruce up your home is to bring in some houseplants. From hanging pots of creepers to beautiful blossoms on window sills, you can bring in any variety of houseplant that suits your space and style.

Not only do indoor plants bring color and liveliness to your space but they also improve your indoor air quality. In fact, one of the best bathroom interior design trends of 2021 is to have houseplants in the bathroom to freshen the air and bring vibrancy to the room.

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Multi-Functional Outdoor Spaces is the Way to Go

Because of the pandemic, you may be hesitating from going into parks and gardens where there are many people. However, you can enjoy nature by cultivating your outdoor space. If you have a lawn, no matter how big or small, you can have a lot of fun transforming it into a beautiful garden by sowing seasonal plants and flowers in it.

You can also beautify your other outdoor structures like the deck, patio, or fountains with different types of flora. For people who have space, it is a good idea to build a swimming pool.



What is trending in home decor 2021?

Although home décor trends are always changing, the current interior design trends are focused on building a functional space that imparts a lot of joy, comfort, and serenity to escape from the turbulent pandemic economy in the outside world.

What are the interior design colors for 2021?

This year, we see a lot of warm, nature-inspired colors from beautiful browns, mossy greens, bright lemons, and burnt oranges. Different shades of blues are also in, including peacock blue and the more calming light teal. We also recommend adding an accent of brighter, more vibrant colors to your overall design to bring some spark and character to your home.

These days, people are looking towards the maximalist trend which incorporates the use of a variety of textures, colors, and patterns to maximize the use of your living space. This is one of the most popular interior home design trends for 2021 and exudes warmth and welcome.

Interio design trends..What is the next big interior design trend?

Is Gray going out of style in 2021?

Having an all-gray wall, kitchen, and bathroom are now fading. Gray spaces appear understated and are not as distinctive as bright, and vibrant colors. Hence, this year people are experimenting with bold colors, out of which blue and earthy tones appear to be the favorite.

Are white cabinets going out of style in 2021?

Although white cabinets are timeless and classic, this year people are more interested in seeing more color in their kitchen fixtures and accessories. More and more people are now choosing dark and moody kitchens and experimenting with materials and colors.

What is the new wall color for 2021?

Chalky white walls still remain one of the favorite colors for walls in 2021. However, people are also gravitating towards deep, rich tones for an accent wall, including ocean blues, burnt oranges, or rich browns.

Interio design trends..What is the new wall color for 2021?

What decorating colors are in for 2020?

In the coming year, ocean-inspired blues, leafy greens, earthy browns, and some bold jewel tones are all going to be the rage since people are gravitating towards color that lifts the mood.

How many colors should you have in a room?

According to experts, you should have colors that complement or contrast each other. Typically, there should not be more than three or four different colors in a room. A good way to decide how to use color in a room is to follow the 60-30-10 rule. The dominant shade of your room should take up 60% of the color space in the room. The secondary color should take 30% of the space in the room, and the accent color should take 10% of the space.

Should all rooms in the house be the same colour?

Although one color in all rooms can sound like an easy choice, no single colour will look the same in every room. That's because colors have undertones that are impacted by the different levels of lighting in each room and other factors. That’s why experts advise different colours for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Are white walls in style for 2021?

Chalky white walls are going to be one of the top interior design trends for 2021. Grey walls, however, are coming out and people are also gravitating towards color for their wall .

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